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12 Replies to “Here is your Double Burger!!”

  1. Dear Drunk cyclist,

    What the the fuck? I say what the fuck? I return from the hostile environment of Geneva all ramped up on CheeseGriddled fucked up Red-light district snaggletoothed drag queens (ever tried a man, you pig?) only to find that this site has devolved into an endless black hole of shit.

    For the love of god (notice I didn’t capitalize god you republican prick), please return to your roots.

    Less of this Eddy Fuck’a’Merkx shit and more porn you silly bastard.

    Has your head gone to fucking pluto? You have lost your fans. Fuck the ads. Who gives a rats ass about DONA COFFEE!! Damn Dawg…

    Take me home country road, but for christ sakes don’t bean fuck me with your watered down burrito bullshit any longer!

    Your loyal fan

  2. …god, i hate chicks who can’t form an opinion…

    …it only gets worse when they can’t express themselves…

    …just sayin’…

  3. “Porn ain’t gone, it’s just behind the counter these days.…”

    I didn’t know there was counter. Nobody tells me shit.

    As they saying goes: “You can’t be too rich, too thin or have too much porn”.

    1 out of 3 ain’t bad I guess. Just don’t tell my mom OK ?

    Grassy ass.

  4. I has a question.

    Why would anyone look for porn on web sites when there are like 100,000+ newsgroups ?

    1/2 of which seem to be dedicated to porn and are specialized to whatever interest you have.

    My fav: alt.binaries.nospam.breasts.natural.

  5. I have seen the light my brothers. You can consider me “Born Again”! The Church of the Big Ring is the one true light in a dark World.

  6. “Why would anyone look for porn on web sites when there are like 100,000+ newsgroups ?”

    Newsgroups are so 1994, man.

    I personally like thehun-dot-net. Best daily porn collection IN+MHO. Has everything I need, and a few thing I really DON’T need.

    But there’s no more horse-on-girl action, and Im a bit torn about it. It’s frightening at best, but always good for a scary link to send to friends. Maybe I need therapy.

  7. “Newsgroups are so 1994, man.”

    I don’t know.

    That Hun site is just more of the same. An index to pay sites.

    Just a way to make coin and not really give anything in return.

    Granted, newsgroups are lame now and then but overall, they be 10x better that putzing around on the web.