Clinton claims New Hampshire

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Hillary Clinton took New Hampshire tonight.

I, for one, was a bit surprised. Everything I was reading was saying Obama, Obama, Obama. Well, good for her. And it felt damn good after I read Women Are Never Front-Runners today. Shit is just depressing as all hell.

Hillary Rodham Clinton proved Tuesday that more than one Clinton can be “the Comeback Kid.” Clinton, whose husband used a second-place finish in New Hampshire in 1992 to propel himself to the White House, had trailed Obama in recent polling. In the last days, though, she overhauled her campaign operation here and took a new tone to the trail. Aides, meanwhile, executed the long-laid ground game that even rivals acknowledged was masterful.

Her campaign had braced for a New Hampshire loss but instead celebrated a win in a state where her campaign worked aggressively to derail Obama’s momentum. Even as Primary Day began, it was still uncertain if her game plan had worked.

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4 Replies to “Clinton claims New Hampshire”

  1. either way, we are all screwed.

    Chelsea? swings baby, swings. Look for her upcoming photoshoot featuring a blue dress and a DC wristband.

    I think I hear the secret service at my door…