Press Release from Stolen Underground

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Deplorable Conditions.

So many cycling fans around the world are getting up to ride their bikes today and to check out the latest in the news about cycling trying to find something good to improve their mood and to take their minds off the stresses in their work and what do they read? More about doping in cycling. Many are saying just get over it, everyone dopes let me just enjoy my sport, and many are saying this is b.s. I am tired of cycling and things need to change!

What is really going on? Well the truth of what is really going on is getting through on a very limited basis. You have those on the outside telling everyone that nothing is changing and you have the feel gooders telling you everything is improving. Ask yourself, “If we could trust the cycling media, wouldn’t From Lance to Landis be sold on VeloNews?” No it can’t be sold there because we are being manipulated by the system. I spoke to VeloNews and they said that they were scared of getting sued.

So now we have a system that is controlled by dishonest rich dopers with powerful lawyers who will do everything to stay in power and they will sell everyone out, and it doesn’t matter of the next generation fall to the wayside in either their anti-doping education or protection!

Go ahead people and blame the next doping positive on that man who wants to keep you down. That man is Lance Armstrong, and let’s not forget Tomas Weisel the owner of USA Cycling who are basically one.

These are the ones who are doping, covering up doping, or know it exists and their only purpose in life is to keep the system going, financially productive, and to stay in power. They will do anything to remain on top, and they will do everything including making sure you are fired or homeless to be on top.

Lance Armstrong told Prentice Steffen that he was going to take his house and take down Vaughters’ team if he didn’t retract his statements for Christ’s sake! Prentice Steffen didn’t write a word of his retraction statement. Dr. Steffen was correct, the USPS was supporting the use of EPO and the firing of him is proof. The American public was manipulated by the corrupt persons, LANCE ARMSTRONG and MARK GORSKI.

The same man who fired him Mark Gorski was a member of the 1984 Olympic Team that was blood doping, and he fired a man who was against blood doping. Do the math, and if Mark Gorski didn’t support doping, why would he testify on behalf of Adham Sbeih who tested positive for the use of EPO?

And yet the cycling base will smile in the face of Gorski and sport the USPS jersey or Discovery jersey with pride. WAKE UP!!! Can you hear me?

The problem is the underlying reoccurring nightmare stems from the evil and corruption in humanity and those who will do anything for success. These are the same people who are doping and the same people who eventually come into power to tell you the system is improving.

Wake up America! Look at the situation with Rock Racing! Here you have Frankie Andreu who was fired by Toyota United after he testified against Lance Armstrong in the SCA Promotions Trial. Did you know that Sean Tucker who runs the Toyota United Pro Cycling Team has ties in the past with Armstrong? From 1994-1995 while racing as a professional cyclist, Tucker served as President of MG Sports Marketing, where he created and implemented various sports marketing programs for companies. In addition, he secured sponsorship deals and speaking engagements for a variety of athletes, including Indy car champion Scott Pruett and then newly-crowned world road cycling champion Lance Armstrong.

And you wonder why Frankie got fired while trying to clean up cycling?????!!!!!!!!!

So Frankie battles back and continues to oppose doping and joins Rock Racing only to be undercut again by another sponsor who is sympathetic to doping.

Michael Ball has knowing allowed Kayle Leogrande to continue racing even after failing an EPO test and after his rider admitted to the use of EPO to members of his team.

Rock Racing is secretly supporting doping period. So moving on to Toyota United, who also has doping riders on their team, as one rider has admitted to me in person that he is, “No angel and that he will be doing whatever he has to do in 2008.” So scratch off Toyota United for being some kind of model program against doping. They are part of the problem, just as many other pro teams are even though that is not what they tell you in the media.

Moving on to Kelly Benefit Systems and Slipstream, yes you have 2 clean programs or teams that are trying to be clean, yet they will not hire me, a rider who is obviously more than qualified to race as a pro cyclist either because of an anti-doping website as in the case of KBS or because I have been out of the sport for too long. Please keep in mind I asked to be tested in a lab and if my numbers couldn’t beat riders on the team, I wouldn’t ask to be added. Still I got no response and I am sidelined, unable to race to help clean up the sport.

Is my non-hiring to Slipstream because I didn’t get along with riders in the past in the media such as David Zabriskie who was quoted in the Salt Lake Tribune Article that I was part of a group who were “Bitter Crackpots”, yet lets not forget after David bashed us in the media, his friend and training partner Floyd Landis tested positive and David’s teammate Ivan Basso were pulled from the Tour de France.

Or am I not riding because Christian Vandevelde doesn’t want me there who told me on the national team that I shouldn’t be talking about doping way back in 1997 when I was trying to write for USA Cycling about the doping that was happening on my team in Italy? Or maybe that Christian feels uncomfortable because in the past he told me that everything I witnessed in Italy was spot on and that he was going to see if riders were dying from the doping to make his decision. Christian is a part of that 1999 Tour de France team that we saw Frankie Andreu admit to using EPO because he couldn’t keep up and the same 1999 tour where Armstrong’s “B” samples still came up POSITIVE.

Then you have Tom Danielson on the team who basically came out of nowhere to dominate the racing scene from a struggling mountain bike racer to a grand tour rider with the help of Rick Crawford, a coach who has admitted to having his riders use blood spinners in the past in a heated email confrontation claiming, “Is that all you got?” When David Clinger told me in confidence that Crawford had asked him to purchase blood spinners to be used in conjunction with doping.

But still Tom is moving onto an anti-doping team to prove that he doesn’t want to dope and wants to prove that he is clean, now pointing the finger to Johan Bruneel, and saying to me at Interbike, “That is the guy you have to go after.” Bravo Danielson for telling us where to go but we already knew that.

Too bad Trek Bicycles which who hasn’t purchased one, is the first to jump on board to sponsor a team wrapped in doping controversy in the past with Vino testing positive for blood transfusions and Astana constantly turning a blind eye to keep doping riders on their team and competing.

But should we trust that Trek Bikes has the best intentions for the sport of cycling? Not when secretly recorded conversations involving Greg Lemond surface with Oakley Rep Stephanie McIlvain talking about Armstrong admitting to using 5 performance-enhancing drugs in the hospital room to hear about the phone calls Greg received when he made comments in the media about Lance Armstrong and him working with a doctor who was later found guilty of teaching riders how to use EPO. Yes that man is Dr. Ferrari, and Trek Bikes might as well sponsor him too. He would be a good guy to have on that bike, after he got out of jail for teaching riders to use EPO.

Was Greg wrong then? No, and he isn’t wrong now. Yet, everyone jumps on the Armstrong 7 tour band wagon and blindly supports a man, whose own cancer growth could have been caused by doping and accelerated by the use of EPO as new medical documents are proving. How quick everyone forgets the true tour champion? Or how quickly everyone lumps Lemond in with the rest of the dopers. Do you not know that Lemond had a VO2 max of over 90? Even Aerospace Engineering was quick to tell me that Lemond was a doper, and that the manager had Armstrong’s and Bruneel’s phone number in his phone.


Greg Lemond can’t sponsor me, because of a bind that he could lose his bicycle company because Trek doesn’t want anyone to talk bad about Armstrong because he sells a lot of bikes. Well stop buying the bikes people, because ultimately are the ones to blame for the sport being destroyed because now you know.

The industry is run by people who support doping period. The cycling fans are blinded by the industry and support doping by default. The anti-dopers are kicked out of the sport, and the sport stays filled with doping. The next generation grows up and gets an education behind the scenes that if you want to be a pro rider you must dope. Do you really think that the Olympic Training Center is teaching athletes to avoid doping? Do you really think their is really an anti-doping educational system in place now? HELL NO THERE ISN’T.

The USOC knows what is going on and in the past they have supported doping proven to us by Dr. Exum, who has gone against everyone including Travis Tygart believe it or not who once protected the lies told by the United States Olympic Committee.


If you think things are changing guess again. Nothing is changing and nothing will until you see changes.

We need to see that USA Cycling is admitting their faults of the past and pulls Eddie B [who told a member of the SU team when asked if he is the father of blood doping in America, “Yes, I am” a week ago at a track in California], out of the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame.

Let’s see a public apology from USA Cycling for doping riders Erik Kaiter and Greg Strock instead of paying them off behind our backs to the sum of $250,000 each.

Not to mention offering letters of recommendation to Rene Wenzel who was one of the coaches giving the riders injections, and continuing to promote Chris Carmichael’s training program to every new rider to the sport when USA Cycling knows that Chris was a coach who injected Greg Strock with a substance he called, “An Extract of Cortisone.”

Until the truth comes out and Armstrong and the rest fall to disgrace and the true heroes of the sport such as Lemond are allowed to speak freely about doping and what it takes to win the Tour de France clean, and riders like me are continued to be forced to the sidelines either by doping pro teams, or anti-doping pro teams with no courage, nothing will change.

As I said before the sport is suffering from Deplorable Conditions and I want to see a change. When is it going to happen, and who is going to lead the way? I certainly have tried but have failed so who is next to come forward and to make sacrifices for the sport?

We need to hold accountable everyone who supports doping.

We need to boycott their products.

We need to demand change.

We need to demand that truths including that of USADA and their history be made in a public statement. We need to demand that Tammy Thomas be allowed to be able to speak in truth of what she was allowed to do by USA Cycling, as well as all athletes who choose to come clean to receive amnesty.

Unless we do these things above, then we all might just might as well quit racing our bike forever. I am certainly on my last wind and am reaching my breaking point.

Ask yourself are you going to stand up to the system as an educated person and say, “I see what is happening and it needs to stop!” Or are you just going to continue to complain and watch for the rest of your life the same headlines on VeloNews forever, “So and so tests positive and claims that the labs are corrupt and faulty, and that the world is on a witch hunt against him?”

Chances are, this email will never make it past an inbox and the reason for that is because the system has control over you.

“We Ain’t Rookies, We Veterans Main.”

Anyone who says I am a bitter crack pot, or wants to oppose one thing in this release as not accurate I will challenge them to a lie detector test, and will happily see them in court. I will testify under oath and bring all parties to the table to prove I am correct and that I am not lying about one thing. I am 100% accurate and what you have read is the truest thing you have ever read.

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16 Replies to “Press Release from Stolen Underground”

  1. ha! was wondering when decannio would put the bong down for a sec and start typing again…

    maybe no one will sponsor him b/c he’s not fast enough and has a lot of report cards stamped with ‘doesn’t play well with others’? nah, can’t be – it’s gotta be all them folks who don’t like him.

  2. I’ll say this much about the man’s form while I was down in Tucson trying to get fast and he already was: He could pretty much ride me off his wheel whenever he felt like it.

  3. If DeCanio would shut the fuck up for 5 minutes, he might be able to get a ride. Or he could do something about it and start his own team…

  4. Nice rant, diminished somewhat by the odor of sour grapes. The author will be a more effective advocate for change when he comes to grips with the fact that, fair or not, he’s not likely to get back “in” at the level he believes that he can compete at.

  5. …jeez, i hate people who waffle…i wish this guy would stand up & tell us what he really thinks…

    …ok, ok, i just needed a little comic relief after that little diatribe…

    …everybody knows somebody’s lying but the question remains, exactly who & how far & how deep, does it all run ???…i don’t doubt for a minute that there is a lot of truth in the above post but again, how much is real & how much is bitter “former employee” ranting…

    …i applaud the serious efforts of people like johnny vaughters & his slipstreamers but at this point, i wonder if the new testing & controls being implemented throughout the sport really are going to do the job…or has the nefarious element of the medical profession already learned how to circumvent the latest testing procedures…now, special ‘on sale’ to your team doctor…all he needs to know to beat the latest system…

    …hell, w/ all the shoddy lab work we’ve witnessed, i’m wondering if the uci doesn’t just pick & choose who to throw under the bus occasionally, to keep up an appearance of being in control…

    …i might be paranoid but thats not to say that cycling’s not out to bullshit me…double negative intended…

  6. I can’t take all this in. I would bet my house Lance and team were using. I would bet Landis could be a little cry baby bitch like lemond and tell of the use, but he is better than that. And don’t give me Lemond never used either. Bull shit I am not hearing it. I saw a documentary on him. His L.A. Trainer was on more juice that lou on a hulk rage. Oh and clemens was injecting b12, okay. I hate all the talk. what is done is done. By gones be by gones. Test the fuckers before and after events and leave them alone in the off season.

  7. Why is doping at the pro ranks all of a sudden wrong? Drugs and sport have gone hand n hand for as long as there’s been competition for monetary reward (probably even before).

    Fact is, if you’re good enough to get TO the injections gratis your employer, then you qualified to make a career out of it. Otherwise, it’s just amateur hour for everyone else (which is okay in and of itself).

    Morally it’s wrong to cheat. Not much to disagree with their. However it’s not as though ALL these pro athletes started in grade school sports with a needle in their butt.

    First they learned and excelled on natural talent. They stood out, then they graduated to the pro ranks. To quote (err…paraphrase) Big Jonny himself from a long while back, “If you took the dope out of the peloton they’d all finish in the same order just 5 mph slower. Their still the most talented of the sport”.

    Maybe it’s like paying to see a performance but being let down because the performance fell short. As a professional sport we are spectating, aren’t we expecting a good show? Do the drugs allow them to put on the show with consistency?

    Go ahead and light me up with responses but I’m just having a hard time feeling doping in sport at the pro ranks is completely wrong.

    I might be missing something here but I’m submitting the comment anyway…

  8. Oh hellz yeah, someone who doesn’t fall into the knee jerk “Oh those dopers are ruining the sport” mentality. Hell, from my point of view, it’s the “ride clean” zealots who are ruining a good race.

    It’s like people who point out the dirty underbelly of porn, let me enjoy the fricken show.

  9. “ah…where to begin? so much to find fault with….”

    Eh. I don’t have either as well, but I still see the point.

    99% of the people in this country can’t function without…

    Caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, puppy uppers, doggie downers, etc.

    If getting thru a day as a “civilian” requires so much, then getting thru a day as a “pro” has to be worse.

    No ??

    I understand wanting to teach your kids good and proper. Don’t have my own, but I’ve been in charge enough times to see your point.

    But since this whole concept of reality of ours is right now turning to shit…..maybe better to teach them to hunt and gather ??

    Bitching about doping in sports is like bitching about your couch covers while fleeing a house fire.

    Just saying.

  10. If you read the book From Lance to Landis it will likely alter your perception of Matt D, and the sport. If your heart is heavily invested in bicycle racing, you may not want to read the book because the love affair will be replaced by an empty feeling…like looking for love at a strip club. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  11. I think Lil’MATT has gone a Lil’WACK!

    He fucks up, gets caught and sees the light, anyone that does not follow his rants blindly is a doper and ruining the sport.

    This guy is like the looser standing next to you at an anti war rally who is dressed like a clown and shouting anything that comes into his mind, making you wish this guy was part of the same cause as yourself. He is a burden to the cause.

    This poor little rich kid needs to face a few facts about himself, he was never that good, even with dope. He is nothing more than a dumb shit ex-racer who believes that if you got’s bling you rule! His grasp of how to fight doping is even weaker than his ability to get onto a 3ed string team.

    Matt, they don’t want you on their teams is because you are a lousy pro. Your completely self absorbed, not focused, can’t work with others and not fast enough to be anything other than pack filler.

    So please go back to selling cars, whining about how you let a friend rape your girlfriend (your story, not mine) and roll in your bling.

  12. Say what you like about Lance and EPO but apart from evading the doorstep tester in 2009 and having a positive for epo in retrospective tests from his 99 samples and the corticosteroids incident he has never failed a drugs test. Is he the greatest living American ever?