Montana Mountain Bike Alliance

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From: 40 Hands
Subject: favor
I’m not sure how many readers you get from the great state of Montana, but we have a new group of folks up here trying to protect some of the states best riding over at the Montana Mountain Bike Alliance ( If youre not too busy being depressed because the Eagles were the only NFC East team to miss the playoffs, would you mind posting the link on the site. Hope all is well down in Flagstaff.

-40 Hands

The Eagles have been the only NFC East team that didn’t make it, but they are far from the only team in the NFC East that looks like shit: The Redskins just went down 35-14 to Seattle.

The Giants (read: Eli Manning) somehow did not implode yet. But, next week against the Cowboys ought to be about as attractive as ten miles of bad road.

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4 Replies to “Montana Mountain Bike Alliance”

  1. Hey Big Juanny,

    Bitter…party of one.. your table is ready. I am skins fan and they should have won that game yesterday…fo shizzle. When McNabb leaves after this year, Eagles are going to be caught fucking a cat.

  2. Humpty,
    Your team is on the way up. Mine is on the way down. It’s going to be an ugly couple of years (like 5-6) in Philly once they start having to replace some of that deadwood they’ve been accumulating. It’s a lot more than McNabb.

    And, truth be told, I was rooting for the Skins over Seattle. And now I’ll go Giants over Cowboys just because I can. America’s Team, my ass.