“…the world’s first pair of jeans designed from the ground up for cyclists”

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This is one of the dumbest mother fucking things I’ve seen in a long time. And believe me, I see a lot of stupid shit.

Self Edge and Iron Heart have come together to bring you the world’s first pair of jeans designed from the ground up for cyclists. It was only a matter of time, that somebody would take the needs of the cycling community into consideration on something as basic as denim. Months of testing and analyzing where other jeans failed during extended use while cycling led to the creation of the SEXIH03 – to create a middle ground between fashion and functionality. For those that enjoy artisan Japanese denim, cycling, and fashion these are the ultimate pair of jeans. Made in Japan from the world’s heaviest weight denim coming in at twenty-one ounces per square yard.

Only 125 pairs of the selvedge indigo model and 25 of the non-selvedge black model were made. Both will be retailing for 360 USD.

Source: highsnobiety.com

Yo, that’s Three Hundred and Sixty US Dollars, kid. As in what some people make in a week in the “industry”. You want to make something for the “needs of the cycling community”? Make it cost $10.

The last pair of jeans I bought, brand new, were $19.99.

You people can kiss my ass. Seriously.

I know some guys that would straight up jack a kid who shows up on his fixy with a $360 pair of pants. Your pants cost what I make in 40 hours at the shop? What else you got in your pockets? Turn that shit out. What’s in the bag, kid? Nice bike. Give it up. Just leave it on the ground. All of it. Leave the pants too. Start walking. Get the fuck outta here. Go try golf or something. You’re a fucking embarrassment.

When I first saw the pic, I thought it was going to be another one of those “man caught having sex with his bicycle” stories.

To be honest, I’m entirely not sure I’m not looking at a guy having sex with his bicycle. In three hundred and sixty dollar pants.

Credit to my man Brad over at urbanvelo.org for posting that shit first and giving me something to bitch about.

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20 Replies to ““…the world’s first pair of jeans designed from the ground up for cyclists””

  1. just go downtown and have custom jeans tailored to your own ass by some hot little hippie chick. she may not even charge you if you can fix her bike or something.

  2. Jeezus, I can get a pair of Dickies for $25… What makes them better? Is Japanese denim the equivalent of Kobe beef? Do they come with their own Japanese school girl? I guess they are from SF, $360 might be the equivalent of $10 everywhere else. It might be my favorite city I could never live in…

    I have to decide whether to come out of retirement for SSWC. Those are my old stomping grounds.

  3. Well, well…the hipster douche crowd is at it’s peak. I see BMX coming back in style once the fixie crowd falls. I see boners ridin round Chicago wearing girls jeans..the British rocker look. Dumb as hell.

    Japanese denim is MADE out of real Japanese schoolgirls.

    Also, If you are ever in Japan, don’t visit the brothels. Take $500 out to a village in the middle of nowhere. Offer it to each family until you get a taker. You can have your own personal school girl! Is that over the top nasty?

  4. Hipster said, “Japanese denim is MADE out of real Japanese schoolgirls.”

    Fuck yeah they are. That is some funny shit. …and I just got done bitchin’ about the douche bag that works at my shop. Gunna try and get this fuck nugget to buy some.

    Cut off army pants, best cycling clothing ever. I wear them with my middle finger when I pass “club racer” wannabe’s.

  5. Hahahahaha…. ok, I know I’ll get flamed here so I might as well make it a somewhat entertaining and long read. I’ve recently caught the selvedge denim bug from my friend (I’ll call him a “Jean Nerd”) who sold me a pair of Jean Shops on the cheap. Now usually I’m a $30 pair of 517’s or 501’s that wear out in the ass and knees in less than 3 months from being in the saddle … but he was hella broke and I was curious about these jeans that looked pretty much brand new since he got em a year or two ago. I figure I drop at least $150 a year for cheapie jeans, cause I wear em to work and want em to look nice… so I bought em used. I liked the fit, and I was sold after taking a nasty ass drunken end over end spill on the road one night, my knee and elbow got all bashed to hell, but the jeans didn’t have a scratch on em.

    So upon finding out I’d be headed to SF for work early-november, pretty much the same day Bike Snob NYC reviews mocks these ‘bike jeans’ you speak of (that’s like a one month late pass fer ya bro!) my Jean Nerd buddy hypes me on the Self Edge shop. I head out there and, check em out… I mean, checking out this shop should at least provide some laughs to myself. I talked to the dude at the shop about the bike jeans, and tried on a pair…. ya they’re hella too tight below the knee for my tastes, and better suited for the skinny ass hipster or bmx-er crowd. The kids there hella know their denim, and are super into the ‘industry’, I could tell the dude at the shop was living jean culture. Most people that visit the shop are into Iron Heart caters to the person into how Jeans used to be made by Levis in the 50’s, using natural dye and better manufacturing procedures. shit that didn’t fall apart after a few months. So I ended up walking out with a pair of Iron Hearts (not the biker ones) and a pair of American made Sugar Canes. “Yah, I’m officially an idiot AND an asshole” was the first thought that came to my head. I put off getting a new laptop or a new fixie frame by more than a few months, but in my mind I’d rather drop a few hunny on some handmade jeans with some quality materials that’ll last me years and years rather than $30 on some crappy sweatshop Levis that’ll have it’s ass fall out in less than a year. Plus I doubled the number of pants that I own and I can wear my jeans to work, not look like a slob, then wear em out on the town boozin it up in the evenings.

    So, thinking about yer post this morning… I do agree, there is tons of humor in some expensive ass jeans for bikers. It’s easy, like shootin fish in a barrel… but in the same breath one could parallel it to someone not knowing much about bicycling and bike culture and talking smack about why some asshole would easily drop over two grand on a custom Coconino or Moyer frame when their beater Schwinn does the job just fine.

    Anyways, love the site now and forever, please feel free to mug me when ya see me being a fixie fag in downtown flag. ;)

    Parting shots from my trip in SF…. outside the Self Edge ‘jean faaaaag’ shop:

    …and my bike now travels with me cause the bike suitcase was as cheap as a normal suitcase:

    …and let the clowning begin!

  6. wahh wahh wahhh
    I will sell the fuck out of overpriced jeans, all day long. Is there a difference between overpriced carbon frames and mavic wheels and designer clothing? No

    Get back to your Ron Paul coverage and I can get back to making designer tin foil hats for you.

  7. You sell tin foil hats?! Fuck, I need me one of them…

    Seriously, it’s not the $360 that surprises me. People buy overpriced clothes all the time. It’s the $360 jeans for the bmx and fixie crowd that surprises me. Not the set that’s generally out buying the latests unobtanium widget. I guess the indie hipster trust fund crowd have found out about fixies. It shouldn’t surprise me, having spent 7 years in Austin.

    “How do you afford your rock and roll lifestyle?…”

  8. Best $65 I ever spent was on a pair of CIRCA pants.


    The Lopez Impala SS are a bit heavier/thicker than the Dickies and are stretchy to boot. Perfect for fall/winter/spring or whenever it is a bit cooler on your bike.

    And in summer I practically LIVE in dickies shorts. If it’s over 70, its too warm for me. Fuck that desert nonsense.

    I have a hard time paying $75 for jeans over here. In the Mission, I used to get ’em for like $35 or something. Crazy ass shit.

  9. “he was hella broke and I was curious…” – I think I know where this is going…

    seriously who could take serious? why would a rider going more than a few miles a day wear something so uncomfortable and no wicky wicky. just what I want is 21oz cardboard stiff denim rubbin my nubbin all day and on a fixie no less time to adjust my junk.

    things must weigh 10lbs when they get sweaty, fuckin ass whores.

  10. Working in the BS office environment, I just cut off old Khaki pants. For the most part, they are the same as the army pants you talk about.

  11. Carharts fuck-o’s. A little more than dickies or levi’s but just as tough as those gay-ass japanese jeans.

  12. the only thing i’ll comment on is this:

    if they’re perfectly designed for cyclists, why the fuck do you still have to roll them up to keep ’em out of your drivetrain?

  13. …faggy boys in gayponese jeans…get a tat, buy a fix gear, think ya know all about life…

    …it’s a start, bucko, but thats all that it is, a start…