Coupe d’etat

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It’s time to legally decapitate these mother fuckers.

Go Team Go!

Countdown: Books & Liars or All The President’s Liars

Try this Link:

Olbermann On McClellan Revelations: Bush Was A Passively Involved “Liar In Chief”

Elaboration: It’s just time to attack. They outed a CIA agent. That’s a clear violation of the law, and it was a conspiracy from the top, by Bush, Rove, Cheney, Libby and whoever the fuck else. Scottie said so. Subpeona his ass and then impeach and convict them all.

OK, I deleted the fucked up links. I suck at the internet bullshit. What the fuck can I say. Big Jonny taught me everything I know. Blame that prick.

Edit: I think I have fixed both links ~ Jonny.

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About Bush43

“Long time cyclist, skier and purveyor of all that is good in this life.” SLC, Utah, USA

9 Replies to “Coupe d’etat”

  1. With all the infuriatng info you can get at C&L I recommend that you :
    1)fix the links and
    2) elaborate a slight bit.

    There is so much thatthis administration has done in the last 7 years that… well, it boggles the mind as to how we have NOT strung up these guys by the nuts and set them on fire yet.

    I mean seriously… What else has to go down before we decide, “These guys aren’t good. They need to be gone. NOW.”

  2. Thanks for fixing it. I didn’t mean to sound like a prick, its just with so much shit rolling down on these guys, it’s hard to differentiate between what has happened, and what hasn’t (yet.)

    thanks for the fixed link.

    and fuck a compassionate conservative wherever it hurts most.

  3. Umm, the second link took me to a story about taking back soldiers signing bonuses when they get wounded and can’t complete their commitments because of their injuries. That is truely scummy but I don’t see any reason to imprison anyone over it.


  4. Here’s my plan. I gotta go to turkey day dinner at the folks. I got a family with four older siblings with spouses and kids. I am the most outspoken anti-bush, bicycling peace loving hippy there, and with exception to one brother-in-law (who also rides) they are a bunch of bush supporting christian republicans. I can’t really stand most of them, but I get along on holidays. anyway, back to my plan…

    Ron Paul is the last white hope for fighting back and keeping us from losing grip to the last few strings of democracy we have left before complete fascist control takes over. We have all the signs and steps in place for complete takeover of our federal government by a fascist regime and the military industrial complex controlling all affairs, foreign and domestic.
    This is what I am going to show them….the latest Zogby poll. it says this…

    “The blind bio question was also posed to a larger pool of 1,009 likely voters nationwide, including Democrats and independents, and Paul was the big winner among that universe of voters, winning 33%, compared to 19% for Giuliani, 15% for Romney, and 13% for Thompson.

    Last week Alex Jones paid Zogby to do a fair poll on the candidates. Zogby does the poll, and 4 days later, posts the headline that Gouliani leads…except that he leads only among a small subset of extreme right wingers within the overall poll. way to spin it zogby!

    If I can convince these family republicans to vote Ron Paul, to research his record, to really stand up and take our country back in the primarys….it’s our only hope…

    It’s time to reach our to those republicans, quit believing in the phony left-right paradigm that they keep pushing to divide you from your fellow man. JOIN the REVOLUTION! pedalforpeace

  5. Here is my fucking eternal shame. Before Bush (may he roast in hell) got elected, I actually slighty bought his compassionate conservative bullshit. I vaguely remember telling somebody. “Oh he’ll be OK, he believes in a “soft” Conservatism.”

    Yeah bull fucking shit. He is evil incarnate. I hate that fucker. I took his name on this site to remind myself of my own personal shame in once saying he would be OK.

    I didn’t vote for him either time. But what the FUCK was wrong with me for even thinking for a second that he is not the scum of scum,? I’ll never know. He tricked me!

    He’s done more damage to this country than is imaginable. To boot, I lived through Nixon and that total fake fucker Reagan. Bush is 100x worse.

    My fucking goal, my fucking dream, is that Bush gets out of office without starting another war (may be be so fucking lucky) and then we discover tons of evidence to send that fucker to jail forever. For; war crimes, corruption, ass humping babies, killing kittens and being the biggest lying douche bag ever.

    I believe it’s going to happen. I believe there are little people like Scott McClellan who’ve been squirreling away documents and witnessing the crimes these bastards have committed, and these people are going to come out of their hiding places and put Bush and his henchmen in jail for fucking ever.

  6. …i’m not going to hold my breath, b43, but it would be great to see the ‘little people’, the original young believers who have matured to the point of understanding the lies & deception but also developed the fortitude to stand up & say, “i believed in & worked for this administration but now that i know the truth, i think the american public should be shown the depth to which our leaders have sunk”…

    …how many know the truth, but are paid enough through their jobs, to not bite the hand that feeds them, & how many will have the integrity to say, “this started out differently, but it’s gone wrong & the truth should be revealed”…

    …unfortunately, integrity is sorely lacking in this administration but ex-press secretary scott mc clellan is taking a step in the right direction…

  7. George Crawford: Well If said agent was involved on undercover activities and their outing resulted in a total loss of their investigation; death; murders, etc… Then that politician should be held accountable.

    If he ‘outed’ them in the sense that he told the worl the agent was gay, well… lets hope the world can deal with its hompphobia. Im sure the agent wasn’t out trying to convert straights into the ‘homosexual agenda’.

  8. I am complelty dismayed that the dems have taken impeachment off the table. The precedent that is set by bushco’s behavior will be long lasting. Future presidents R and D will think that they can get away with this if Congress does not get off it’s ass.