Buy Nothing Day

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A few posts down, someone made the random comment about ‘Buy Nothing Day’. Drunken Biker seemed to take offense to this random comment and posted…

Buy nothing day ??

Good Gawd….liberals get more and more irrelevant with each passing day.

Religious wars, famine, genocide, etc, etc, etc and the best these nit-wits can come up with is a hatred for capitalism.

The Dem Party should have a giant garage sale and close the fuck down.

So there you have it.

In the interest of fairness, I will make this a 2-part post. I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving (aka: Start of the European Whites genocide of Native Americans…) and follow up on let’s say Saturday with posting about the carnage that usually ensues at, oh… i don’t know… Wal Mart when they sell DVD players for cheapity-cheap and people get trampled.

Laugh at the idea now, but I guarantee you it will happen again.

The concept of ‘B.N.D.’ is simple. Resist the urge to go out like cattle and spend-spend, buy-buy, and generally be an idiot. Go plant a tree, paint a picture, go for a damn ride. You know damn well the trails will be empty, especially if you live in a city where people are hypnotized by shiny things at deep deep discounts.

Keep it simple. Maybe spend the day drinking a 6-pack and true-ing your wheels. Maybe do something OTHER than shopping. One day is really not going to make the economy better, and it sure isn’t going to come crashing down if a few hundred, hell even if a few THOUSAND people stayed away from the madness, it isn’t going to change a lot. But maybe you wont be in such a shitty mood, and maybe you will feel better about doing something productive/creative/worthwhile instead of waiting for 5 hours behind rude, smelly shoppers, being treated like chattel by employees, and making your credit card debt that muchworse going into Christmas and beyond.

And as for Dems? Since Repug’s have nothing but’Noun’ + “Verb’ + ‘9-11’ + ‘Terror/terrorists’ maybe THEY should hang it up as well.


Anarchyburger… Hold the Government.

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“Cuts, scrapes, bruises… all in a day’s riding. Then it’s off for some good german beer in a local biergarten.” Munich, Germany

13 Replies to “Buy Nothing Day”

  1. yeah, buy nothing day…how about buy something today? How about someone come in the shop and spend some fucking money TODAY instead of friday so we can pay the poor bastards that are working? That’s why I have so much time to sit on the computer and fuck off…

  2. I don’t view BND as an anticapitalism movement, but as a “is your life so shallow that you need to buy things for yourself and other people to make you feel better, come on, fucking think for yourself for once” movement. BND keeps it real like a torn scrotum.

    And honestly, BND does have real effects for consumers, whereas things “conservatives” get off on, say like the national day of prayer, have absolutely zero effect. You know, because god isn’t real.

    Religious wars, famine, disease, poverty, and the best these morons can come up with is talking to yourself. See, generalizations are easy.

  3. I’m with you on having the Repubs declaring bankruptcy and shutting down. I basically hate both sides at this point but until things change I’m stuck with only 2 legit choices.

    Only reason I slightly lean Repub is an old saying I heard that goes something like “The Repubs will take your life or your money, but the Dems will take your soul”

    I’m basically a Libertarian but only agree with 1/2 the shit they sell as well. So politically I am one confused fucking puppy.

    As far as BND. It basically reminded me of this: bwhahahaha

    Sorry to any offended by that comparison.

    Now if ya’ll will excuse me, I’m gonna go get liquored up.

  4. …ah yes, bikepunk…as you weave the golden thread of common sense throughout this tapestry of irrationality being woven on the DC loom of man-kinds existence…

    …WTF did i just say…jeez, talk about over-inflated hyperbole…i need a bike ride…

    …SO, to all of you loyal posters out there, ya can break it down any way you want, but most of us have SOMETHING to be grateful for, & whether i agree w/ yer politics or you agree w/ mine, whether you think my writing style or lack thereof is crap or i happen to think yer an idiot just on general principals, no matter, from the heart, HAPPY FUCKING THANKSGIVING !!!…

  5. Does BND include alocohol. Cause if it does I am fucked. That is my birthday and people are taking me out for bowling drinking and stupidty that night. Oh it is day, so once the sun goes down it is open season since that is offically night. But hey I don’t have to worry it is my birthday the only thing I should be spending is the life expectance of my liver. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Even Not Al

  6. I work with a bunch of women, and today they were all going over their “Black Friday” printouts and planning where they would flock at 5AM Friday. The funniest was the woman who just HAD to go to Home Depot to spend $200+ on some Chinese made Christmas yard display. Because, you know, that’s what Jesus would want. That’s a much better idea than spending that $200 on gifts for needy kids or feeding the less fortunate or something.

    The Christmas thing is a HUGE scam, of course. How many people are going to spend themselves into debt buying crap that people won’t even appreciate or use, just because they HAVE to?

    It would be nice if people stepped back and realized how they’re being manipulated by the media and big business, but not likely. I watched the BND TV ad which was rejected—-and it might hold more water if the information was accurate. The ad starts with the line, “The average NORTH American consumes X times more than a Mexican….”. Um, Mexicans ARE North Americans. Duh.

  7. “The ad starts with the line, “The average NORTH American consumes X times more than a Mexican….”. Um, Mexicans ARE North Americans. Duh.”

    Swing and a hit!
    Its going…going…GONE !

    Canadians can be kinda stupid that way. Especially hippie-canadians.

  8. Buy Nothing Day- Gimme an effing break. You are going to postpone the purchase of the crap that you HAVE to have for a day? Lets make a big deal about talk like a pirate day while we are at it.

    Hows’ about call your senator day or write a letter to representative day. Go protest in the street day. Send money to your favorite cause instead of buying the new Ipod day. These times require activity not delayed passive non-consumption.

  9. america stands for freedom, but if you think you’re free, try walking into a deli, and urinating on the cheese! anarchyburger! hold the government, please!!

  10. america stands for freedom/ but if you think you’re free/ try walking into a deli/ and urinating on the cheese!! anarchyburger! hold the government, please!
    ps. the whole world is torn apart by all manner of things that we could blame…capitalism, terrorism, fascism, etc…the bottom line is that no repub or dem has it right. the last time i looked at an issue, there were more than two solutions to any problem………think…..what COULD BE possible. all we have is time to play with and things to do….what should(could) we do??????? think all, and enjoy the national holiday..with turkey.