This can only end… how exactly?

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Let’s give more guns, bombs training to a group of people not necessarily in tune with our political wants or needs.

WASHINGTON: A new and classified American military proposal outlines an intensified effort to enlist tribal leaders in the frontier areas of Pakistan in the fight against Al Qaeda and the Taliban, as part of a broader effort to bolster Pakistani forces against an expanding militancy, American military officials said.

I seem to recall this not working so well earlier in our escapades in Iraq. Although the article says

The proposal is modeled in part on a similar effort by American forces in Anbar Province in Iraq that has been hailed as a great success in fighting foreign insurgents there. But it raises the question of whether such partnerships can be forged without a significant American military presence in Pakistan. And it is unclear whether enough support can be found among the tribes.

“Hailed” by whom exactly? Seeing as 2007 is officially the bloodiest year on record for this fun little jaunt in the sand-filled paradise that is Iraq, how can arming more people who have given refuge to Al-Qaeda types be anything but bad? I’m going to stop reading the goddamn news. It’s killing my blood pressure.


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6 Replies to “This can only end… how exactly?”

  1. Don’t forget who trained Bin Laden.

    Maybe we should just park a couple of nukes in Pakistan and leave the keys in it.

  2. Why don’t we let the Taliban back in? Seriously. Now, the power is back in the hands of war lords. This makes the people of Afghanistan pray for the Taliban. At least when the Taliban was in power there was some stability. All of their wealth now comes from poppy seed production. When the Taliban were in power, they at least halted that. Now, it is bigger and badder than ever.

    “Maybe we should jsut park a couple of nukes in Pakistan and leave the keys in it.” — so ignorant. Afghanistan is not the problem. We are. We ousted the Taliban created a fucking mess. Just like Iraq.

    Also…there is proof that the 9/11 plan was NOT hatched in Afghanistan and never was. We attacked without knowledge that Afghanistan was where it all started. We did not know WHERE it started until months after we bombed Afghanastan. So…now who is the criminal? We broke major treaties and should be tried for war crimes. Turns out, the plan was hatched in Saudi Arabia and Germany. So…we unlawfully attacked Afghanistan.

    Get ready for the thick shit to come down on the U.S. in the future. There are more pissed off than ever. We have created a breading ground of hate and terrorism in Iraq and Agfhanistan. This sucks.

  3. Sooooo….while we’re at letting the radical Muslim Taliban back into power in Afghanistan…why don’t we just encourage the Communists to come back into power and reform the USSR? There will be stability in the region once again, rather than the insanely-capitolist Russian mob that pretty much does what it pleases these days. Won’t have to worry about all the rogue nuclear warheads floating about anymore either, right?

    I agree with you that we fucked things up in a major way, just throwing a comparison out there.

    I am an isolationist xenophobe, for the record. I say screw the rest of the world, let’s focus on getting our own shit straight first.

  4. Sorry bout missin the sarcasm. :)

    Rogue warheads…have you seen the Vice Guide to Travel (DVD)? Bout made me piss myself.

    What good as capitalism done for Russia? Most Russians do want Communism back. At least they could eat then.

    We don’t need to screw the rest of the world, but we do need to get our shut straight. We could take care of our own and help the rest of the world. We could have fed the entire world AND provided clean drinking water for the entire world with the cost of this war. How could arabic terrorists be mad at us after that? They would be signing the national anthem if we just helped them out. People who have nothing to lose take extremes…that is where extreme ideologies flourish. Example: The only schools who feed, cloth, and educate the young kids in Iran, Iraq, or Afghanastan? Yep…radical Muslim schools that train them to be extremist terrorists.

  5. The Middle East has been a breeding ground for hate for centuries. Literally stuck in the middle, and on top of a motherlode of oil which is currently pretty damn popular. Perfect recipe.
    Anyone thinking we can go in and create a democracy is either foolish or a liar. Religion has and will continue to cause war. As long as there are basic ideological differences there will be extremists. We can feed them, give them water, shelter, porn, guns…and some will still hate the west. Bin Laden doesn’t seem to have been swayed by our help in the USSR-Afghan days.
    I personally like the “speak softly and carry a big stick” stance, but it is hard for a superpower to truly do that.
    Maybe we can organize a big mid-east softball tournament to help bring everyone together?