Don’t read this post if you like keeping your head in the sand.

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Pop up a nice bowl of popcorn, turn off your fucking television and watch this video tonight. I am not sure what to say other than be a critical citizen, get informed and begin to precipitate change.

When you are done you might want to read this page and see what the buzz has been about this guy who raised over $4 million in a day online for his presidential bid.

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44 Replies to “Don’t read this post if you like keeping your head in the sand.”

  1. I said it before and I’ll say it again.

    Ron Paul is a batshit crazy fundy.

    He’s right about most things, but his ties to conspiracy theory, neo confederacy, and xian dominionism make him more incoherent than everyone else combined.

    He’s no more a friend to liberty than the Patriot Act.

  2. Watche the first 10 minutes at lunch…I can’t wait to get home and see the rest. Why did I have to find this here? Why don’t more people know about this?

    Thanks Chopper.

  3. well you can have your fundy’ism served up anyway you like these days i guess. you can have your naftas, cafts and gats, your neo-con run administration, more incomprehensible government spending not limited to the 1 trillion of OUR dollars which the defense dept cannot account for or you can at least put some some sense of control back into the hands of the people. a few years ago i would have been right there with the view that this is nothing more than conspiracy theory and neo-confederacy but given the current state of affairs, it might be worth a second look.

  4. Thanks for the post. I look forward to watching the vid tonight. My eyes are open but 50% what I see of Ron Paul scares the piss out of me. I can hang with killing income tax and abolishing the Federal Reserve, but not killing Roe v. Wade. And as far as reducing federal spending by abolishing most government services, that is insane. Should we go back to builing our own roads? Shall we solve global warming on our own? Leave health care to the free market? In that I see a widening of the gap between the have and the have nots. Government should exist to serve us. It seems to me that he thinks it should barely exist. How does it serve us if it aint there? I’ll get my answers tonight.

  5. I watched the 1st few minutes.

    Does this guy give any legit proof of the 16th not being ratified or is this a Michael Moore-ish cluster fuck of video, images and out of context quotes ??

    Because I’ve been hearing about this since I was growing up in the 70’s. All those “crazies” holding off the FBI/IRS in cabins and getting them-selves dead while ranting and raving about not having to pay income taxes. I believe it was Hustler mag that did a lot of articles about this. Not that I read the articles in Hustler you understand.

    Just saying.

  6. DrunkenBiker– Check out the Movie America, Freedom to Facism. Or the book: The Creature From Jekyll Island; A Second Look at the Federal Reserve by Edward Griffin. The stories about the 16th being BS look real to me.

  7. i don’t have the answers. i don’t pretend to. BUT it seems to me it is pretty clear that we are denied our rights as citizens of the united states of america. it also seems like the law and the constitution are being walked on. look up “fascism” in the dictionary. the ramifications of our move to a private central banking system were predicted by our founding fathers. we are walking down a path towards losing our sovereignty and freedom right now.

  8. “we are walking down a path towards losing our sovereignty and freedom right now.”

    well put..

  9. Those of us who’ve been libertarian for a long time aren’t impressed with Ron Paul. He’s a particular type of faux-libertarian. For example, he’d like to not have to pay taxes, but he’s against the separation of church and state. See:

    His claims to being a “constitutionalist” don’t stand up to any scrutiny. Anyone who thinks the Constitution is “replete with references to God” hasn’t read it.

  10. Chopper you are a brave Man!

    It is great to see people of conviction that are willing to take heat and point out the weakness of allowing the government to do what it wants regardless of what the constitution says.

    “The strength of the Constitution lies entirely in the determination of each citizen to defend it. Only if every single citizen feels duty bound to do his share in this defense are the constitutional rights secure.” Albert Einstein

    I am a Ron Paul Voter. I will vote republican in the primaries. This is an odd place for me to be but when none of the other candidates will tell the truth and none of the other candidates will restore your civil rights. When all the other candidates are for perpetual war including Clinton. I mean the list goes on and on. I will paste a letter that I wrote to a local paper here.

    Spend the time to research Ron Paul he can’t do a 30 second sound bite and we should not choose our president based on them although too many people do. Listen to his speeches on the house floor, listen to him question the Federal Reserve chairman. Then Ask whom does he represent. He is the only candidate that will truly represent the people instead of the globalists, bankers and corporations.

    Dear Editor,

    Consider Ron Paul

    There is virtually NO difference between the majority of Republicans or Democrats when it comes to selling out our country to foreign interests. Of the presidential candidates which ones are members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR): Rudy Giuliani (R) John McCain (R), Mitt Romney (R), Jim Gilmore (R), Newt Gingrich (R), Hillary Clinton (D), Barack Obama (D), John Edwards (D), Fred Thompson (R), Bill Richardson (D). In fact, all of the “mainstream” candidates, Democrats and Republicans, are willing to sell our country and our constitutional rights to the globalists.

    WAKE UP AMERICA! Your government and its policies are being manipulated by the CFR and other unelected elitist groups and their goal is a “new world order”. They are not enacting the will of the American people rather the will of the global bankers and corporations. Admiral Chester Ward, former CFR member and Judge Advocate General of the U.S. Navy said this about the CFR; “The main purpose of the Council on Foreign Relations is promoting the disarmament of U.S. sovereignty and national independence and submergence into an all powerful, one world government.” Interesting, so ask why are your elected officials CFR members? Richard N. Haass, current president of the CFR wrote this “Globalization thus implies that sovereignty is not only becoming weaker in reality, but that it needs to become weaker. States would be wise to weaken sovereignty in order to protect themselves” Sounds like a veiled threat to me. The mainstream media will continue to keep the public ignorant of the power, influence and goals of the CFR. Seek out varied sources of information and challenge yourself to discover the truth.

    Look into: The NAFTA super highway AKA Trans-Texas Corridor. The Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), which is the organization that is leading us towards the creation of the North American Union (NAU) and ultimately the “Amero” currency without consulting Congress or the American People. Do you want to be integrated into Canada and Mexico without a vote? The current Bush administration has been secretly making agreements to this end. That is multinational corporate socialism at its best with no regard to the will of the American people. Take the time to learn about the Federal Reserve: how it was formed in 1913 and by whom and what they actually do. They print money we pay interest! It is truly unbelievable how the whole thing works.

    You are loosing your most sacred constitutional liberties and freedoms faster than at any time in the history of our country. Most egregious, On October 17, 2006, the Military Commissions Act of 2006 was signed, which suspended habeas corpus allowing the president to declare any American citizen an “enemy combatant” and end your rights to seek legal or judicial relief from unlawful imprisonment. Do remember when you were a kid and you would hear about Turkish prisons and how they could lock you up and through away the key. How you could be proud because you lived in a just country where one was innocent until proven guilty, not anymore. The founding fathers are rolling in their graves over this tyranny. WAKE UP AMERICA!

    If you: are a patriot be it left, middle or right, want the war in Iraq to end, want America to stop medaling in other nations affairs, want secure borders and controlled immigration, are tired of the use of fear to promote failed policies that strip our liberties as in the war on poverty, drugs, terrorism or the next Saddam. If you believe military force is justified only in self-defense and aggression is the realm of dictators. If you believe government should balance their budget as you have to. If you believe in the requirement that law enforcement obtain a warrant before searching as one of the essential protections against abuse of government power. If you believe the monetary policies of your government and the privately owned Federal Reserve contributed to the housing and .com bubbles. Finally, if you believe The Constitution of the United States is the REAL contract with America, then register as a Republican, I had to, and vote for Ron Paul in the Republican Primary.

    Ron Paul is not a member of the CFR or a poll-sniffing politician. His message is clear, he doesn’t waver in his convictions and his voting record is 99.9% consistent. He will respect, protect and restore your rights, liberties and the Constitution! I don’t agree with all of his views yet he has clearly identified the core underling issues our country is facing, he has given me back a sense of hope and patriotism. You owe it to yourself and your country to listen to this man for a moment. His speech on the House Floor about patriotism is a real eye opener!

    Join the Revolution.

    google Ron Paul!

    Paul Thomasberg

  11. I’m right there with ya Schorsch.

    Chopper, I wasn’t saying the video wasn’t legit, I only got to watch the first few minutes of it, so I can’t offer an opinion on it.

    I’m saying that about Ron Paul. He is a fake libertarian, as Schorsch said, he’s against a woman’s choice, he’s against homosexuality, and he is against a secular government.

    He voted for the FEDERAL Defense of Marriage Act, preventing gays from marriage, no matter what Massachusetts or any other state says.

    He authored the Sanctity of Life act, a FEDERAL law to propose life begins at conception, making any form of abortion murder, no matter what the States say.

    He has asserted that there is no right to privacy under the 14th amendment, thus making it perfectly legal for any state to regulate private sex acts between consenting adults. Like Texas and it’s fines & jailtime for hetero or homo sodomy.

    In short, Ron Paul is as much an enemy to liberty as Stalin.

    Scroll down through Timothy Sandefur’s blog a little.

  12. Good effort Chop,

    Get to the bottom of the FedRes debaucle, limit and publically oversee gubment. All good.

    Back Ron Paul? Sorry. The only thing we should be more afraid of than secretive, controlling gubment is the Church (any of them), and this guy is hot to put the Church back in your living room. Forget the labels, look at what he fights for. Scary.

    All said, provocative, good stuff. It’s just too bad we can’t get a reasoning human being behind the good revolutionary ideas without them being a freak..

  13. I was preparing to walk out the door to go to the store, then I started watching this and haven’t unglued myself from the screen since!! My head is spinning about this, and it’s going to take a true revolution to stop it… the average American population does not have the stomach for it…. truthfully I am not sure if I do either, most don’t. We are not the men that our founding fathers once were. I know one thing, that scared the shit out of me and I am going to at least think about how I spend money, ie: credit cards, debit, etc. My food sources and my tax returns… the whole thing is fucked. Glad I watched it though, I am going to make my family , wife and kids to watch it this weekend.

  14. You should change the title to “Don’t read this post if you don’t want your head to explode” because that’s how I feel right now…

    I can’t imagine that all of that was going on and absolutely no one made more noise about it sooner, it defies belief.

    This just helps cement my belief that we should celebrate our own Guy Fawkes day here and this gives us a perfect place to start…

  15. i ain’t saying ron paul is the answer but when you look at the options we will have this next year in the campaign i think you can see that there will be a lot of sacrifices that you will have to make no matter who you vote for. true on the social side, RP is not who a lot of us wish he was. fiscally though a lot of what he stands for makes sense. in the end he has at least practiced what he has preached when it comes to his voting record and his reputation on the hill.
    it is interesting to note that the supreme court actually HAS upheld the law passed by congress and signed by the president saying it is your duty to pay income tax. they also said it is your duty to pay as little tax as legally possible. so let that spin in your head for a little bit.

  16. Ron Paul should run as an independant just to steal South TeXIAN votes from the Republican candidate. Just like Nadar took the Democratic votes. My only choice for 2008 is a guy named Barrack Hussein Obama. I can hear sweet bells of freedom ringing.

  17. I was going to watch that video but I decided to surf around first.


    I read all that and, I assume, was supposed to come away convinced the Amendment is null and void. But all I came away with is that this is a “paper-work not in order” argument.

    And I can’t come up with articles about what to do once the income tax is removed. You can streamline the budget all you want but the Federal Government of today ain’t going to be financed by tariffs.
    I just deleted a whole shit-load of ramblings. I’m not that drunk yet. Check in later. ha ha

  18. Ron Paul and glibertarianism is not the answer. I don’t know what the answer is, but voting anywhere near him or any of the rest of the rethuglicans is just going to make the throttlehold that corporations and mercenaries have on the constitution worse.

    It’s probably going to take a revolution to do it. Because, honestly, even if the Dem’s take the whitehouse and majorities in congress, the Right Wing Noise Machine, so quiet since 2006, will crank back up to their corporate overseer’s delight, and impede any progress the dems will try to make until a scandal can be manufactured, much as we saw in the 90’s.

    Honestly, Corporations need to be forced out of governement. Lobbyists need to be forced out of Washington DC. If you have a job, you should have health insurance. You should have the right to worship how and where you choose, but not in school or on the government’s dime. Women should have the right to control their own bodies. Fathers should pay child support. Police should protect the common good, not the wealthy and powerful. Roads and infrastructure should be maintained. Things that aren’t good for you, like McDonalds and Cigarettes and, yes, even booze, should be taxed more than organic and locally grown, and marijuana should be legalized, and it should be taxed, too. Education should be funded far more than professional sports stadiums (stadii?). College and Vocational schools should have guaranteed loans for all who want them. Companies who outsource off the continent should pay a stiff tax to allow homegrown companies to compete.

    Finding a politician with the balls (or ovaries) who would implement all of these seemingly no-brainers is next to impossible, so I don’t think we’ll see too much of this in my lifetime, but we need to start waking more people up to the damage that’s been done. And we need to find ways to fix it.

  19. I think the first step is to strip corporations of their personhood. Yes, that’s right, a corporation ls legally a “person” in the eyes of the law, and the only right this “person” doesn’t enjoy is the right to vote. But beyond that this “person” has many more rights than you including exclusion from most laws. Think about it, how do you imprison a “person” that has no physical presence? This class of “people” can actually get away with murder on a wholesale scale (Bhopal India v Union Carbide). I leave the rest as an exercise for the student…


  20. “Things that aren’t good for you, like McDonalds and Cigarettes and, yes, even booze, should be taxed more than organic and locally grown, and marijuana should be legalized, and it should be taxed, too.”
    Gawd. Even after 12 beers I wouldn’t make such an inane post.

    Well. I would but I’d be much more rude and obnoxious about it.

    Question: So organically grown tobacco, wheat/hops/whatever and beef should be taxed less ?? It’s still bad for you ain’t it ?

  21. If BIG corporations are so bad…approximately what size would a business have to be to be good? Mine has 15 employees…all of which enjoy fully-funded profit-sharing plus the option of a 401k plus 100% paid health insurance…plus any doctor bill you’ve got up to $1000, we pick up 1/2. READ: SMALL BUSINESS IS GOOD…and good for America…but we are getting royally screwed by the govt. in numerous ways…taxation, no protection from foreign competition, etc. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that at some point, we’re gonna have a BIG problem. Neither Dems nor Reps have done much to change the trend in the last couple administrations and Congressional incarnations…I say we need some new thinking up in there.

  22. “This class of “people” can actually get away with murder on a wholesale scale (Bhopal India v Union Carbide). I leave the rest as an exercise for the student…”

    That was caused by some local maintenance guy forgetting to turn a lever or not installing something properly.

    So he would have been imprisoned and the rest of Union Carbide would have gone to lunch.

    Taking away the class of “people” for corporations removes their liability as a whole. And makes every person within a criminal if something goes wrong.

    What does that achieve ? Especially since, over the years, enough of the people within corporations have been convicted for the various crimes of their position.

  23. gobs’ post is brilliant. Ron Paul is a reflection of how desperate we are for someone to speak truth and reason to us.

    Taking away a coporations personhood would keep them from donating to politicians campaings under the same rules as people. There is no way for people to keep up with the $$ that the coporate world can contribute. That means that the politicians answer to the money not the people.

  24. “Taking away a coporations personhood would keep them from donating to politicians campaings under the same rules as people.”

    Just take away their right to donate.

    I work in a “company” like all do. 2 people, 15 people, 15,000 people. I’ve worked them all in my life.

    I usually know what I am doing. I do it the best I can. I have no intention of harming anyone. I do my job, I get paid, I go home happy.

    But…..I refuse to be held accountable because some asshole next to me(or 1/2 way across the planet) does something wrong and someone gets hurt.

  25. …jeez, i’ve seriously got a pre-election headache already, so no comments but thank you chop’ for the post & the links…

    …people need to be informed…

  26. If the cost of Health care and prescriptions ain’t screwing the American public I don’t know what is(okay maybe oil but that is screwing people everywhere). There is coruption at every level, local straight thru to the top. I want to believe that some devine supernatural karma will take care of it, but remain rather agnostic. Many many tax dollars going straight out the door. As for the Second admendment I am ready if need be. Drinks must be kicking in. I thougtht they proved alcohol was good as for the heart and the dollar menu has me savin for more high end bike sheet. Peace Out MF’s

  27. I am just a puddin and don’t know a lot about this other than what I try to learn on my own so verify what I say. That said the supreme court determined that money in the form of campaign donations is “speach” as in freedom of speach. Corps. being people, if you limit what they can donate, you limit their speach which is unconstitutional.
    That supreme court ruling was a nail in the coffin of our rights and a boon to the military industrial complex.

  28. “I think the first step is to strip corporations of their personhood.”

    I would mostly strip them of this silly notion that they should pay their “fair share” of taxes. Anything you hit them with will result in a higher price at the register. No matter how well run they are. You buy a burger at McDonalds and your paying their Federal taxes. Not them. DC raises corporate taxes, McDonalds just raises the price of a Happy Meal. You pay. The only time this notion really works is for the Ted Kaczynski’s of the world who buy nothing but wire and timers and, hell, even that murderous prick paid taxes on those items.

    You buy anything and your paying that companies taxes.

    I think the main reason I have a problem with people bitching about the 16th Amendment is that I figure the buck has to stop somewhere. And for efficiency reasons the income tax makes sense to me. The ultimate end is each person.

    You make 10,000 dollars a year. Send in whatever%. That’s it. No corporate taxes, no road tolls, tariffs, dues, fees, no nada. And that’s Federal and State. You can index that percentage all you want but that’s it. Income. Where the buck starts and stops tax wise.

  29. A flat income tax is regressive, the poor are burdened with a higher cost than the rich.

    A consumption tax, on the other hand, isn’t.

  30. Mxracer is right. Income is good. Making a buck is the american way (no sarcasm intended.) Consumption leads to depletion. I choose to minimize the shit that I spend my $ on but I know plenty of people the make a hell of a lot more money than me that consume a lot more than me but they are taxed at a lower rate than I am.

    That said I see the point about bitching about the 16th amnedment being foisted on us illegally. Whats done is done I see your point. But when I think about way to fix the problem I go back to what is broken. That is the point that I see that we started moving in the self distructive way that we are headed. If someone has got a suggestion for getting back to a system that gives real equality for all, I am all ears.

  31. No taxes =

    No roads to ride bikes on
    No forests to ride bikes in
    No fireman to save your house
    No policemen to protect your gal
    Less hospitals to save your ass after being hit by a car
    No military to protect you from invasion
    Of course we can’t invade anyone either
    So do you want to speak a different language or deal with Iraq?
    No help in natural disasters (though FEMA sucks)
    The list goes on and on.

  32. did you watch the movie? not saying that as a dick but it seemed to me the movie wasn’t saying no taxes, it was saying no income tax, and then pointed out how income tax doesn’t pay for any of that stuff anyway. if you believe the movie. i don’t believe anything i hear and half of what i see, sound advice from Lou Reed.

  33. The 16th amendment was supposed to be ratified WITHOUT ANY CHANGES. Many states changed the wording, many re-wrote the entire thing. THAT is why it was never properly ratified, and why Income Tax should not be collected.

  34. So, Who is not filing a Federal income tax return this year? how about next year?

    I think this issue is less about the presidential candidates, and more about how the American people are waking up. It’s just beginning.

  35. all i can say is wow. 40 posts. this is democracy! but wait ultimately google and its successors will control the last truly free salon of discussion since we lost tv and radio to GE Viacom and the like. i am probably on the “no travel” list now for being a dissident.

    but seriously, you don;t have the time or $ to win in court if you don’t pay up at the end of the year. the one place where i question the movie are the court cases which have freed income tax “evaders”. so put a dumbshit smile on your face and pay up suckers.

    but begin to precipitate change.

  36. As long as you don’t make millions you are okay. One inerseting note is that Aaron Russo was in trouble for evasion and had leans against his property. I also watched the interview with Russo in which he stated that 9-11 was fixed by Federal Reserve insiders to get Americans to approve of military actions in the middle east. Russo also died this summer, coincidence?

  37. BTW…I’m in Canada right now working at a hospital in Montreal for 3 months….Nationalized Healthcare is NOT the answer!!