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from Reuters :

Bike-riding suicide bomber kills 30 Iraqi police
By Ross Colvin

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – A suicide bomber on a bicycle killed 30 Iraqi policemen doing their morning exercises at a base north of Baghdad on Monday, in one of the deadliest strikes on security forces in months.

And a roadside bomb attack in Baghdad wounded a U.S. general — the highest ranking U.S. officer to be wounded in Iraq since the invasion in 2003.

If these fucknuts can’t figure out how to PROPERLY use a damn bike, I say we leave and let them kill each and every one of each other. fuck those guys.

Giving bikes a bad name as much as the entire Astana team, Landis and that fuckwad who told me i didn’t know what I was talking about when I said i wanted new rim tape. (Fucking dago eye-tie douchebag.)

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“Cuts, scrapes, bruises… all in a day’s riding. Then it’s off for some good german beer in a local biergarten.” Munich, Germany

16 Replies to “NO.WRONG.BAD.”

  1. BIkes 4 TErrroR! Sheesh thats a scary thought as so many thoughts may be thought 2b…2day but perhaps perhaps the tool capable of ultimate human transport efficiency, and admittidley mechanized, but no less divine, transcendental conveyance … and i’m not talkin ’bout rollerblades here people:: perhaps bikes are just destined for greatness, and with much of what is great in this here great realitytor machine, grossly great grisly ggg dead people lots of dead people and those people probably had bikes but they’re dead and a bike was greatly misused to send thirty of ’em beyond beyo

  2. Sorry… I wrote that at 5 am this morning since I had insomnia and a gnarly migraine to boot.

    And fuck that guy for assuming I had no knowledge of bikes in the first place. When someone assumes you have no knowledge of how to change a tire or what rim tape is, then I’m pretty sure you’d get pissed.

    I apologize to DC readers who were rightfully offended. I do not apologize to that douchebag in that shop.

  3. Umm… OK I can see getting upset when you are an experienced cyclist and have diagnosed the cause of your flat tire and someone tells you you’re an idiot, but to disparage someone on the basis of their ethnicity is wrong. Just call him a douchebag idiot.


  4. …soon as i saw that headline, somehow i knew it would become a post here @ dc…

    …the viet cong used bicycles as bomb platforms to spread anxiety & death in saigon during that little confrontation…

  5. Oi vey.

    “eye-tie, viet cong and cutoffs” are 3 things that should never be seen in the same post.

    Someone please put up something new.

    This thread is almost as bad as Jonnys nutz.

    PS: Can anyone here decipher slappy’s post ?? I would need a keg and a 1/2 to post something that fucked up.

  6. …hey, YOU mentioned “cutoffs” & “nutz” in the same post…jeez, now i need a beer…

  7. I origallly typed something about bikepunk not having saddles on any of his bikes.

    I then removed that in place of something less homo-erotic. To save his spot on this blog.

    Now you confront me with silliness about needing a beer ??

    That is so lame.

    GWB is in office.

    We ALL need a beer.


  8. …consider this a written apology…i AM an amateur these days, as a coupla good cold ones seem to hold me over, but i was a ‘pro’ back in my younger days…

    …gwb…oh, him, ya, i ‘almost’ forgot…