Tour de France revamped for 2008 – big jonny doesn’t care

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Oh yeah, that thing in July with more drug use than a dead show is still around for ’08.

The Tour de France has been given a major overhaul for 2008 as organisers try to revamp the tarnished race.

Time bonuses have been scrapped and for the first time since 1966 the race will not start with a solo time trial, but with a 195km stage to open the Tour.

A brutal climb up L’Alpe d’Huez follows ahead of the showpiece finish in Paris.

“We want the Tour to rediscover its romanticism,” said Tour director Christian Prudhomme. “It means the plot will not be obvious.” Source:

Will the drug use be obvious?

Teams are also no longer guaranteed entry, even if they are in possession of a ProTour license.

BBC Radio 5live’s Peter Slater commented: “That could cause problems for the Astana squad, who left in disgrace last summer after their star rider Alexandre Vinokourov tested positive.”

Astana is looking at miles of bad road next year. Even without Vino, they’re tainted. Can you imagine if they got denied entry with all the former Postal/Disco riders/personnel they’ve got now?

It’d be like pink cookies in a plastic bag being crushed by a building.

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15 Replies to “Tour de France revamped for 2008 – big jonny doesn’t care”

  1. “It’d be like pink cookies in a plastic bag being crushed by a building.”
    some one call the metaphor cops, before he strikes again!

  2. So now they are going to get stricter about the doping? What about all the years before? Or were those just test runs?
    And I agree with Dentext, no more metaphors for you young man!!!

  3. it would be like all of bruyneels little pink pills inside a bag getting all crazy with each other. mixing with the purples and the blacks….all crazy. like skittles, but contadork wants the black ones. he can;t have the black ones. give him the black ones please.

  4. No Prologue thank god. Mix it up and set the GC straight early.

    At least we get to wait till the middle of the race for Frankie A to tell us all that “TT bikes go really really fast because they are aero” that is a direct quote from Rat boy I have it on tape

    No Astana = no Trek thank god.

    Make the tour harder to discourage Drugs? I don’t think so

    maybe the reason Levi followed bruyneel even after JB stuck one up his ass with no support is that Levi admires Johan’s hairline. Hey Levi about the hair loss, they have drugs for that too ya know. JB didn’t get the business up top and party in back on his own

    fuck the tour

  5. Wow drunkenbiker I worry now. Not that I know ya but still we do not need another snapshot of the old twig and berries.

    ds”No Astana = no Trek thank god.” Fucking classic
    maybe people now will start buying bikes for their performance not who rides them. Nope I bet if someone wins on a Time or a Cervelo those will be the top two bikes in America.

  6. I’m mildly intrigued by the possibility of using the TDF’s visibility and prestige as leverage to clean up the sport, somewhat less so by Jonny’s nuts.

  7. If I can get there this year, I’ll paint a big syringe and some pills somewhere along the way.

    Maybe buy a yellow bedsheet and make it a DC banner for the world to see. That way they will know armageddon is TRULY coming, and all will bow to Big Jonny’s power.

    And maybe his nutsack.

  8. …i’ll kiss christian prudhomme’s ass at the top of the eiffel tower while waving a ‘vive la tour’ banner, if you promise not to show us “the sac” again…

  9. Sac’re bleu. Zoze things look like ze sea urchins downstream from nuclear power plant on Bizarro World.

  10. I will probably get excited about the race when it happens, but I haven’t even watched a whole race since the 2007 TdF. I just get real disappointed by all the doping, allegations of doping, and false allegations of doping.