AZ Cycle cross #1

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These are a few days late getting posted, so sue me. Happy Friday.

From: Snake
Subject: RE: Pines to the Mines
Just so you know I won the first cross race in PHX. I only took me 4 laps of the 9 to get back into the rhythm. Then it was full stick all the way…..

You the man, you the man.

From: Hammy
Subject: Cycle cross #1
Hey All,
Just wanted to give a shout out to Jake the Snake for taking the men’s open class today in the AZ cross race #1 and Kyle High tower for taking second, great turnout for this race. I myself took 2nd in the men’s 35+ and crashed pretty good and ended up fracturing some ribs. Started the men’s open race and only lasted about halfway through until the pain was too much to continue, not to mention breaking 2 spokes in the front wheel and breaks rubbing the whole time? Great time though, and loads of fun especially watching the end of the open class when Jake finished off JR and Kyle coming in second.

Great Job Guys. Oh, Kam was up there to until he crashed hard into the dismount barricade’s.

You broke ribs? Damn, Rocky.

From: Bacardi Marti
Subject: Fw: Cycle cross #1
A picture of Hamfist at the cross race yest. Snake won and Hammy broke some ribs….that shit hurts. Thanks to SuperModel Todd for the pic!
Ham Fist in full flight

Oh my…

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