24 Hours of Moab Report

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24 hours of Moab in the books. The kids has fun out there. Check the vid:

From: stomparillaz
Subject: @4hrs of Mooob
Hola BIG jonny, and a good day to U sir! Been lurking in the closet of your site for many moons now… A proud member of the STompArillaz-creative-cycling-collective. Some Stompaz rolled down from Carbondale, CO to Moab this last weekend for the 24 hours. Those stompaz competing in the single rigid class pulled a legit 3rd considering our extensive doping regime relative to the ever fast Jack Mormon Militia; But the executive support STompaz, myself and others, took the overall with no trouble. Whether cold kickin it at the VIP camp, jousting on tall bikes, hangin’ at the warm up spot with our Gold Schwinn Air-Dyne, or just surfin’ around on the Xtra cycle, we were strictly bid-ness.. At some point in a haze-induced haze, we found ourselves lounging atop ‘nosedive’. The xtracycle had plenty of beer, barely enough batteries for the boombox, and some other stuff…Well far to many of these 24hr racers forsake PBR for no apparent reason, but when we saw a drunk cyclist jersey, well, he had no choice…
Anyway we got it on viiidddeeeooooo, and it’s on ze blog.. so yeah keep it up, peas MAx

I don’t think I know the cat in the jerseys, but right the fuck on man. Way to represent.

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5 Replies to “24 Hours of Moab Report”

  1. bikes and drinking? Is that allowed? Where do we go from here? do these Somparillaz have morals or ethics? Is Moab still in Utah? Should I declare war on this “Carbondale, CO”? Can it be nuked from orbit, just to be sure?

  2. Moralz? Ethicz? uuumm i got the kind of morleezzethiKz that given the opportunity , say a swamp for example, to create yet another utopian society of patriarchal goodness, I’d atleast have the decency to spare my loyal subjects and their many wives from the tragedy that is 3.2 in general and 3.2PBR in particular, for LRonHUbbards SAKE!!!!! aanyway Carbondale is currently sheltered within Asspenz Missle Defense system as long as we ensure that they will not not have to expand whatever consumptive pattern they’re engaged in by a factor no smaller than 666!!1! in the immediate future, this is a dog talkin’ you hear!?!

  3. Well, we were in that single rigid category as well. We didn’t fair as well in the results, but Team Zissou had the best bar we saw, courtesy of the Nacirema Drinking Society. Here’s the slideshow for our weekend:
    Next time we’ll have to enjoy some PBR with you fine folks.