Cyclocross in AZ? WTF?

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Rumor has it that there is going to be some cross racing this year in AZ. Both in PHX and in the Dirty T. So if keep your ears to the ground and brush up on your skillz, cuz your going to need them. Races typically are in the city parks so a little bit of grass, lots of side walks, weather is sunny and warm. What could be better? As I have more info I will post it.

Dirty T series…. Well lets just say its in the works…..

Right now the PHX series is looking set here….

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3 Replies to “Cyclocross in AZ? WTF?”

  1. Cross good. cross in phx? hmmm. cross in OP? huh.

    cross needs cold, miserable conditions, or at least the possibility thereof. that way, if the weather’s nice, it’s like the cross gods smiled. knowing they can frown is part of the adventure.

    if anyone thinks they are truly racing cross in the desert they’re not – they’re riding bikes and jumping barriers on a little loop in 75 degree sunshine.

    cross WILL return to flagstaff, with the threat and hope for inclement weather.

    with the possible exception of long, unsupported enduro mtb races, cyclocross is the purest form of racing around.

    listen to Proctor say: “it’s not a forgiving place.”

    let’s not be forgiving with our cross either.

  2. Cross bikes are the new mountain bike, it’s taking off all over the country. We’re even going to have a series here in Florida. Riding in sand is not riding in mud like riding in the sun is not riding in the rain.