The Flight of the Pigs Cometh

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Oh yes.

It is coming.

Are you ready?

From: Jimbo
Subject: Flight of the Pigs
It’s that time again. Come join me for the 11th annual Flight of the Pigs ride. See the attached flier.

Note that this year we will also provide a post-ride bbq afterwards, in addition to the lunch at Zoe’s Kitchen. See the map for the exact finish location.

Invite your friends, just make sure they are up for the challenge. The time cut will be enforced in order to keep the ride on schedule.

Click for pdf: Flight of the Pigs

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2 Replies to “The Flight of the Pigs Cometh”

  1. I wanted so bad to be a piggy last year, but I was plagued by a November full of illness and injury. Now I live 1500 miles away, I just can’t win. Have fun, those of you that make it.

  2. This ride is the bomb! I can’t wait to do it again this year. My favorite part is riding with all the cool folks on the pavement. It’s the closest thing to “critical mass” I have been involved in. The food was great at zoies too. What a blast…don’t miss it!