Dan McGehee takes the UMCA 100 mile World Record

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This just in:

From: Marty
Subject: DAMAGE!
Newsflash —

RideClean Team member Dan McGehee RE-broke the UMCA 100 mile World Record October 6, 2007 in Kaneville, Illinois, by beating the existing mark of 4:01 set by Marko Baloh.

Dan cranked out a 3:56:03 !!!!!!

Details will follow, and the UMCA has yet to certify the record, (S.O.P.) and the two officials that were there are filing the papers and have signed off on the time.

Please join me in a heartfelt Congratulations to Dan – – he deserves it.

Good looking out HD!

And, can anyone guess what HD stands for?

Update: HD chimes in.

From: Dan
Subject: Re: DAMAGE!
Thanks for the shout-out Mort.
Needless to say – It was wicked hard. It is a 18.4 mile loop, which makes for 5.4 times around, and the last 8 mile stretch was a headwind – as if the damn thing wasn’t hard enough already. Started hard with a 26.1 average on the first loop and hit the 50 mile at around 1:50. This time, as opposed to July, I didn’t crash and burn in the last 40 miles. Had a 25.4 mph average and if I tell you what my heart rate was, I’d have to kill you.

Gotta give a shout out to Snake for his advice with the altitude sleeping – it seemed to work perfect. Also, next time you see Bryce up at AZ Cycles in Flag, give him a big kiss and hug for all the help he provided me – he’s a great guy and really behind the team.

Attached are a couple pictures. Had and interview with the local paper – she said she would get the RideClean, Clif Bar and Fiberwise in the article (pending the editor of course)

You the and all that. Full stop.

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11 Replies to “Dan McGehee takes the UMCA 100 mile World Record”

  1. …H F D…one Hard Fuckin’ Dude…whether i ‘got’ it or not, i know i’m right…

  2. heheheheh it stands for HOT DAUGHTER,

    ever heard the zappa song “Catholic Girls” ?

  3. “Do you have longer miles in the US or something? The UK record is 3:22”

    OK. I’m confused.

    Would someone with more brain cells than me explain this.

  4. holyyyy shit, no way that would put them at average speed of 31 mph for 100 miles. the question is does the UK have shorter miles? or are brittish cyclists just fed EPO from birth. 31 mph is fast as shit for 100 miles

  5. is that on a velodrome perhaps?

    because id believe that. this is the ROAD record that dan holds.

  6. just go to the source and consider the protocols… also consider this…if you took my fastest 100 miles, it might come out to 3:45….”hey remember when we did that 50 mile out-and-back course like 85 times in 5 years? remember that time it was freaky wind conditions that changed at the turn and i averaged 35 on the way out and 26 on the way back?” does that give you some perspective? no?

    then do some basic math. 3:56 is over 25 mph. for 100 miles.

    the difference might also be the course used and the method. the UMCA has specific sanctioned courses, that are short controlled loops – on open roads — and specific rules and regs. it is a not-for-profit enterprise chaired by john hughes. find out their qualifications at http://www.ultracycling.com the guys that set these records are a who’s who of endurance cycling. (baloh, nieman, secrest) — so some guy on a trike who drafts off his “mates” for 75 miles does not cut the mustard here… not saying that K Dawson used a trike, it’s just that when you leave it relatively open, you invite a lot of diversity in the process.

    obviously there is a difference…i mean come on….some guy named RC Booty was going 4:01 in 1956 in england???? and Marko fucking Baloh went 4:01 with all his training, endurance racing experience and aerodynamic equipment IN APRIL 2007? doesn’t add up.

    sorry. my sister married a fucking brit. a cyclist to boot.

    no — not HIM – – I mean my SISTER…

    poor guy…

  7. ok — one more note. the fastest tour de france stage EVER was won by Dave “What Game Play?” Zabriskie in 2005 when he beat Lance Armstrong by 2 seconds. He averaged 33 mph. For 12 miles.


    ..now we have someone in england doing near 30 mph for 100 miles….hmmm…

    “what was that smell again, Marcellus?” “Fish, m’lud”

  8. didn’t we go thru this fucking argument last year over the same shit. “In UK 3:22, U.K. rules are different, my balls are bigger than yours.” bollucks to ya all on this one.

  9. Dan,

    I am pleased to hear you broke the record here in Kaneville. Some great riding on a great course. I hope the broom helped.