Where there’s sport, there’s drugs.

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Latest Drug Crackdown Could Expose Some Athletes
A complete list of buyers who received steroids, human growth hormone or other performance-enhancing drugs from a drug-trafficking network uncovered by federal investigators this week could take months to compile, federal agents involved in the crackdown said yesterday.

At this point, it is too early to rule out the involvement of any professional, collegiate or Olympic athlete, the agents said. But officials from two organizations — Major League Baseball and the United States Anti-Doping Agency — said Wednesday that there were signs that none of their athletes wiould be found to have been involved in the sprawling distribution network that involved drugs from China, the host of the 2008 Olympics. Neither official would say what those signs were.

…Gary I. Wadler, a member of the World Anti-Doping Agency and an associate professor at New York University School of Medicine, said that every drug policy should explain that failing a drug test should not be necessary to receive a sanction. The penalty for receiving, distributing or buying banned drugs should be the same as using them, he said, following the WADA’s code.

“Sure, we’ve talked about Floyd Landis and his failed drug test, but the paradigm has changed,” Wadler said. “So much of the story now deals with stings and federal investigations and law enforcement, and the leagues have to specifically address that shift in their drug policies. They can’t just view doping as a positive test. Those days are long gone.”

Source: nytimes.com

This could drag down a hundred people. But rememeber they once said the same thing about en.wikipedia.org. And, yes, I just utilized Wikipedia for an info link.

Go figure.

My guess is two or three people get fucked on this one. We all know it’s way bigger than that. But I’ll be surprised if there are serious repercussions in professional sport in this country.

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20 Replies to “Where there’s sport, there’s drugs.”

  1. …jeez…if every athlete who doped, in this country alone, professional or otherwise, were roasted over the coals, the smoke would blanket the nation..
    ….pros, collegians, high schoolers, every one wants an advantage beyond what they can give themselves w/ hard work & proper training…quite amazing in one sense…maybe not so much in another…

    …the regulatory counter to that attitude, unfortunately is the ‘usada’, who in the the ‘landis case’ showed their integrity w/ a policy of “we’re basically willing to lie & cheat to catch the liars & cheaters”…
    …the real counter to it, personal integrity, seems to be beyond the scope of so many…peer pressure being the crux…

  2. Two or three people? I’m expecting the South Dakota High School 100 meter champ to be forced to relinquish his title under a cloud of suspicion. This sounds like a pretty convenient red herring to me, and we all know how much Bushco likes those. The timing’s just right for a big showy media circus to distract attention from their abject across-the-board policy failures as they slither off stage. Welcome to the War on Drugs 2.0.

  3. What are peoples thoughts on whether or not the various sporting federations will try to “sweep this under the rug” to avoid embarassment? Hopefully the media attention will negate their ability to do that if they try…

  4. Another gigantic waste of tax money.

    Fucking War on Drugs bullshit, the respective athletic organizations can police their own athletes, no need for anyone else to be involved.

  5. mxracer652,

    I am inclined to agree with the first part of your statement (war on drugs), but then you undermine your own argument when you leave policing to the athletic organizations. It doesn’t seem to me that any athletic organization has shown much inclination to get serious about policing, rather than just trying to avoid bad PR from drugs in their sports.

  6. they should grant amnisty to all who come clean and start a new. give them a deadline and then a new policy. perhaps a universal policy

  7. Unfortunately, as long as there are prohibited substances, someone will try to fool the tests. I agree with amnesty for anyone who comes clean before some undetermined date. But then you have to make EVERYONE accountable. The riders, teams, promoters, labs, UCI, WADA. If UCI and WADA can’t get their shit together, then they need to go. Unfortunately they are a bureaucracy and after a while their motivating goal becomes their continued existence. They aren’t held accountable for shoddy and inconsistent enforcement. They are just as much to blame for the current situation as the cheating riders. I think the LNDD lab has someone with a personal agenda/grudge, and they need to lose their certification until it’s taken care of. Until all of this happens, not just punishing the riders who cheat, nothing is going to get better. Just like the war on drugs. Just punishing the end user doesn’t solve any problems.

  8. I hope this thing burns the whole fuckin house down. I am sooooooo tired of joe redneck givin me crap about doping in cycling and then denying that Bonds or any 350lb lineman that cover the 40 in sub 5 second time is doping.

    Burn Mutha Fucker Burn!!

  9. …an excellent line, jefe, regarding a bureaucracy’s motivating goal being their continued existence, after a time…

    …quality of work ???, senor, we don’t need no stinkin’ quality…i got me a regular paycheck, thats what’s important here…

    …i fully agree as to, on whose shoulders the blame falls…everyone involved, in equal measure…

  10. Chad,
    By athletic organizations, I meant the already existing anti doping organizations who police said athletics.

    I agree that organization policing doesn’t work (NFL, MLB, etc), when there’s a financial interest at stake.

  11. you know…I used t hate Barry Bonz.
    But –
    He only hit over 50 hrs in 1 year..the year he hit 1 million – 2003~ish.
    so now i fugure wtf? – i think he got a pretty hard deal.

  12. ok i remember what i wanted to say.

    I read on yahoo a week ago that there were over 100,000 names documented within the data that was collected by 18 countries working together at the highest pertinent level. And that if you got even 1 shipment in the past however many years, you could be a redneck – BAMM!

  13. joe red neck is the guy runn’ us off the road. joe red neck don’t like the bike shorts

    I gave joe red neck shit once about watching cars going around and around to the left and he saia
    “Dude you watch bikes go up hill”

    I should have said well # 3 made a right turn or some shit but

  14. BJ

    thanks for the beer at cross vegas.
    nothing like giving away your last pbr to some guy claiming to be another shitty bike blogger.

    anyway, it was good getting drunk out there in shithole vegas.

    peace and grease
    rotten r.

  15. Funny, how humans around the world premote drugs for everything. Headaches, depression, Being fat,…Take this feel/look like this. My Doctor prescribed this to me, I take this to…

    And there is a wonder how drugs have become a normal thing….

  16. Amen. My doc knows that I don’t want “take a pill daily for the rest of my life” cures, and he’s really pretty goods about it. The Establishment (gummint+ drug co.s+ medics in general) ain’t. They got my wife taking several of their beauties daily, and she and I aren’t in agreement that alternatives should at least be explored. If a pill fixes it, well that’s what we should do, right?

    Drugs are ingrained in the culture. My daughter’s 9. I’m hoping not to fight a losing battle for her attitiudes on health and fitness- but it’s tough.

    Keep riding, stay clean, and provide the best example you can- and hope that our point of view can at least be heard in teh din.