Thank God it’s Friday

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This is Friday morning and I’m sitting with the rest of the assholes in the media center soaking up internet access and free coffee like I’m a fucking sponge. They place I stayed at the last two nights had intermittent internet wireless access that kept throwing me off. So I got yesterdays write-up posted this morning. I can hear interviews happening behind me. I guess that’s why I choose a seat facing the wall.

Workspace Challege

The wall in this case is a glass screen with an seemingly endless parade of hired tits, tubby mid-westerners, too cool for school so-cal jokers, bleached out hair farmers, kids rocking early 80’s metal cuts and tight ass girl pants, and my personnel favorite – fuckheads rocking bowling shirts and faux hawks. Way to commit to the lifestyle, chief. You fucking rock.

Man, I’m chapped. This town fucking blows. This show is re-wrapping the same old shit in ten different ways.

But, that is not entirely true. There are some interesting eye candies about. I will try to get out and snap some decent pics today.

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