Here it goes

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I’m not even there and I’m hearing it already.

“Interbike sucks.”

I thought day one of the convention would be hard enough – running the hamster wheel of cubicle life before boarding a plane to Vegas with an anticipated arrival roughly 5 hours before I’d have to get up and hit the floor. And then hit the cross race. And then the goldsprints. But no. On the way to the airport, after receiving two automatron phone calls telling me my flight was on time, I got another ring from yet another 800 number. My date was cancelled. Our bubble-gum and toothpick radar system that just barely keeps planes in the sky crapped out for two hours in Memphis, thus preventing me from getting from Pittsburgh to Vegas via Chicago.


So now I have an exciting 6am flight, and a taxi ride right to the show. And then to the cross race. And then to the goldsprints. Its like having a 10hr commute. Why do we do this to ourselves?

Further punishment will surely follow during the post-show, short-for-westerners Vegas to Flagstaff drive with our own housekeeper ’round here, Big Jonny.

“Jonny, when we get home, can my ballsack grace your stately pink Moser?”

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Bikes are cool, and I’ve been making a go at this ‘industry’ thing for a while now. You may remember me from some nine years at Dirt Rag Magazine. Or not. Now I do some writing, wrenching and photography to pay the bills. And run my half of a little magazine project called Urban Velo. We love riding in the city. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

14 Replies to “Here it goes”

  1. One of my favorite things about the Hotter n Hell Hundred is that the Witchita Fallas convention center fills with vendors for a mini interbike. You can see all the toys, what direction stuff goes, and generally get yer bike nerd on.

    and y’all are whining about vegas and Ibike?


  2. vegas is diffrent why interbike in such a weird place??
    maybe the strippers. LOL

    careful if you ride there..


  3. I’ve left the bike industry, but I sure wish they’d move Interbike out of Lost Wages. Why the industry insists on meeting in a city that is so non-bike oriented is beyond me. Vegas is what is wrong with the world. If we’re that addicted to gambling, Reno would be better. There is world class alpine riding not 30 minutes away. Denver and Austin are both decent bike towns. I’m all for debauchery, but Vegas sucks…

    el jefe

  4. …three words…big long contract…some vegas convention smartbrain realized, ‘hey, lotsa disposable income here, bikes are expensive’……signed ’em up for a decent price but signed ’em up long term…
    …unhealthy, ungodly town but you can’t complain about restaurants…great places to eat, within walking distance, all over sin city…

    …anaheim, now personally, i thought that was a pit…taxis for dinner, disneyland for entertainment…forget industry parties, best things were steve boemke’s fetes at the ‘doll hut’ & after midnite at the gocart track…

  5. complain all you want, but I got left at the shop while the owner, owners son, the store manager, and girlfriends and wives
    got to go :-(

    “maybe next year,,, we need you to run the shop while we are gone”

  6. …jefe…vegas is always like: “oh my god, look where I AM !”…
    …anaheim was always like: “oh my god, where AM I ?”…

    …next years cyclo-cross should be run totally on ‘venetian’ property…utilize those moving ramps in front, ridden backwards, they could be a real challenge…great place to check out yer favorites… dump some dirt on the marble floor, maybe barricades in central restaurant area w/ multiple passes over gondola bridges…all under that lovely painted sky…
    …done right, THAT would be a ‘vegas cross’…

  7. Bunch of shop dweebs who think it is a VIP of biking who never get laid telling each other how drunk they got.

    Biggest laugher this year? Litespeed thinking that their new Ti road frame is, uh well, new and that peeps are willing to fork out 4500 for frame alone. HAHAHAHAHA oh and this just in, they moved away from the integrated headset because “that is what the people wanted” oh yea like who? and like that sold more bike last season.

    hahahahahahahaturn out the lite the party is over

  8. I am actually interested in the Fulcrum Off Road wheels and the I9 road hubs. Both took some sorting out last year and now are out for next year they say. Fulcrum is the only thing campy made worth a shit in the past 10 years and I9 Mtn Bike hubs are the shit

    Jonny check it out if you can

  9. …i wanna see the new ‘litespeed’ ti cross frame…could be sweet if they do it right…
    …ohh, ya didn’t know about that one before the show, huh ???…hmmm…

  10. boooo hooooo
    i get to go to vegas, hang out with my friends, score free shit, ride any bike you want for 2 days on good trails, and talk to people all day about my favorite hobby
    oh man, interbike sucks

    go sell insurance or something so you don’t have to live through that hell anymore!!