Jeanson admits to doping

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I can’t say that I’m surprised. Disappointed, maybe. But not surprised.

From: Patrick
Subject: Jeanson

Jeanson admits to doping. I’m gonna find her fucking house in Phoenix and put a big “doper” banner in her fucking front yard.

The velonews article screwed up the chronology. She’d been long suspected by all of doping. She was yanked from the world’s team when her crit was at 56%. Another day, she is called for a random out-of-comp test and she fucking BAILS on it. The Canadians (rightly) slap a 2-year ban on her, so what does she do? She moves to the USA from Canada and USAC actually
issues her a fucking racing license. Later, she tests positive for EPO at T-D-Toona and gets only a 2-year ban (not lifetime). Remember, bailing on the 1st test is considered to be a positive.

Brings up a lot of questions, doesn’t it? She was tested many, many times. And she apparently got a way with a lot of doping in her career.

A lot.

While Jeanson explained her method of stopping the drug five days before competition to avoid getting caught, questions still surround how she passed a large number of doping tests in her career.

I just feel good all over.

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10 Replies to “Jeanson admits to doping”

  1. Even a 16 year old knows the difference between cheating and being clean. Do not get me wrong, I seriously hope that something comes around to bite her coach, but she seriously needs to account for her own involvement.

    I’m most interested in wanting to know where the hell her parents were during all this crap.

  2. …i have to agree w/ patrick on all three points…unfortunately there is probably no way to criminally prosecute andre aubut, her coach, after the fact…all heresay, nothing “provable”…i do hope he gets taken down & at the very least, his whereabouts in relation to any sport should be monitored…
    …you might say, genevieve’ pissed her future away…

    …separate note to john…i hope all these nasty, yet appropriate images you have stored away come out to haunt you on halloween, sir, to pay you back for regularly scaring us…just sayin’…

  3. VeloNews is to facts what Bush is to the English Language.

    VeloNews is to Investigate journalism what Fox News is to fair and balanced reporting.

    Velonews is to hardware reporting what Brownie is to FEMA management.

    Carry on.

  4. Goddammit, aren’t we a judgemental group for being so apparently enlightened. 16 years old and isolated doing a sport without the normal relationships of a high schooler because you are training or traveling all the time. Every day one coach is the core of your existence. She may have believed that without this person she had nothing. Don’t you remember how completely insane teenagers are and how magnified their emotions are? She’s out of cycling and should be, but don’t you folks have any compassion? Just a bunch of W’s in reverse where everything is black and white. We all live in the gray whether we want to acknowledge it or not. Embrace the gray.

  5. …bush43 is to velonews what i am to my porcelain throne every morning…gee wilikers, ”3, i’ve never seen ’em print one bad word ’bout cha…

    …hey nsf, i read pretty much every one as being reasonably empathetic to the womans plight…we’re all down on a system that promotes that kinda action & her controlling coach in particular…
    …at the same time, speaking of remembering, 16yrs old is an age when you not only question everything, you damn well wanna assert your own authority over your own actions…i know i certainly did, for better or worse…

  6. everyone should go back and read what J. Vaughters said recently “…perfection of the process..” is what you have to emphasize with the youth, and as long as we associate the ultimate worth of an athlete with victory, the inherent pressure to cheat will be for many irresistable.

    she is human – her shit stinks like everyone else’s, so just leave her alone in her misery. because, ladies and gents, she IS miserable right now….

    it’s lager time….