SSWC 2007 in the books

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Oh my.

Adam Craig and Kellie Emmet took the top spots. Good on ya. Way to harden the fuck up.

Promoted by Mountain Mayhem stalwarts, the Telly Savalas Players’ Club, this year’s SSWC took place around Aviemore, complete with hour-long ride out to the race venue, a long LeMans start and what many riders considered to be the best cross country course they’d ever raced on.

Of the 200 or so singlespeeders who raced, were some top names, some fancy dress and some racers from as far away as Australia, the US, Canada, India and Brighton.

Amid a few days of riding, the Saturday evening saw the ‘decider’ event take place to determine where NEXT year’s SSWC would be – this took the form of a roller-race (courtesy of Rollapalooza) followed by a drink of foul smelling cocktail and an interpretation of Scottish dancing.

The winner of this event was Curtis Inglis from Napa, California, who will be hosting the 2008 event.


I’ll post more stories as they arrive.

You heard it: Next years event will be in Napa, California. Since I can drive to it, I’ll be there. I do love cars you know.

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8 Replies to “SSWC 2007 in the books”

  1. SSWC07, Was Sweet…DJ tried to get o8 in AZ, but failed..The Bloke who won Beat out A Durangoean.Personally I think it was political..But either Way Its Back in The U S of A..A huge American Contigent, on An Beautiful Weekend, in the Scotish Highlands..Hard doesnt begin to Describe the Course..I got in 2 laps (out of five) to finish right behind A. Craig (if you look close at the pic of him at singletrack world link provided, you can see my half drunk ass over his right shoulder) Yes I stopped for a couple of beers in the middle of my 2nd (provided by some Gents who kindly rode up with 3 cases of beer) as I was Knackered..(again tuff trail)..Superb event, Very well organized..Remarkable Setting……Scotland Rocks….

  2. Yes, my boy Adam Craig took it this year. Bear in mind, he’s been riding singe speeds for quite some time now. I have to take partial credit for this, because back when I used to live in maine, and he was a wee lad still in high school tearing up the junior world of mountain biking, I let him ride my single speed when we were out riding one night. He loved it, and the rest, history.

  3. Brighton… rofl…

    Yup. wunnspeed was there, and is stretching it out into a 10-day drinking and riding vacation.

    Maybe I can get my ass to the bay for next summer. I do have friends there…

    Lets hope the start is more than 200 people too.

  4. …ya, ya, america this, america that, but just remember, adam craig won the singlespeed worlds wearing a “canadian summer tuxedo”…true splendorous attire…them canadians know style…

    …props ta curtis inglis for bringin’ it back to the bay area…a good man…

  5. Curtis Inglis was given the honer..he by no way EARNED it…He lost the the fixed gear dual, He drank his shot slowly, and his dance was horrible until, the durangoean started to jig with him…Think it was political..The crowd applause determiner wasnt used for any other rider..Many of which were better than Curtis, And his wasnt as loud as the Durangonean…But I am sure he has the ability or backing to put on the race, thus the handed to him….

  6. …ah yes, well, whatever the attributes, i guess senor inglis was just cool enough to walk away w/ the honor…