DJ Premier

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I don’t know how many of you cats reading this are down with hip hop. But, I’ma gonna tell ya like this: I’ve been knocking emails back and forth with Snake for days regarding DJ Premier’s joints. It’s like tennis balls over the net, kid.

Snake even had to call me today to say, “Everything should sound like this.”

DJ Premier is the one and only.

Classic (Better Than I’ve Ever Been) – DJ Premier Remix
Common – The Game
Nas – Nas Is Like
Gang Starr – Mass Appeal
Gang Starr – Code of the Streets
Gang Starr – Full Clip
Group Home – Supa Star
Group Home – Livin’ Proof
Verbal Threat – Reality Check
Pitch Black – It’s All Real
Royce da 5’9 – Boom
Royce da 5’9 – Hip Hop
Crooklyn Dodgers – Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers
Rakim – When I be on the mic

Pretty much, I don’t care what a mother fucker is spitting… as long as the beats is fat. You could put just about anything over a Premier joint and I’d be knocking my head to it. All these cats that think it’s all about the MC are crazy. All that matters is the music.

Full stop.

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21 Replies to “DJ Premier”

  1. Does my heart good to know there’s another rider who’s into hip-hop. For fun I’ll run off a lyric or two while riding, a la Zabriske’s ‘What game play?’, and I’ve yet to run into someone who’s heard any of it.

    I think Sage is a closet cyclist: “…following air currents, but it was my drift you were supposed to be catching.”

  2. datz how i roll.. gotta throw in some b-boys ;-)
    anyone reading my email from portland area, please hook me
    up with some rides if you could, road at first.. just hit me with an email.. thanks..

    Joe made it from Vegas to Oregon.. wilsonville at this time

  3. anyone reading my email from portland area, please hook me
    up with some rides if you could, road at first..

    Skyline Drive is a good place to start. Plenty of middling Cat. 3 climbs to the top from either downtown or both slopes of the West Hills and Skyline itself has enough rollers to be interesting. I’d avoid Cornelius Pass and Germantown during rush hour. Just about any shop in town can hook you up with a group ride.