Landis decision likely in late September

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I saw this one over at

memo drafted by the head of the arbitration panel reviewing the Floyd Landis doping case suggests that a decision in the matter won’t be forthcoming until mid- to late-September.

The memo, obtained on Thursday by’s Bonnie D. Ford, notes that the chairman intends to formally close the hearing process after the September 12th meeting, meaning that the panel is required to issue a decision within 10 days.

This is getting ridiculous. September 22nd. Are you joking?

Update: This one dropped first over at

A decision in the Floyd Landis doping case will almost certainly come by the end of September, according to a memo written by the chairman of the three-man arbitration panel and sent to parties in the case.

In the memo, obtained by Thursday, panel chairman Patrice Brunet, a Montreal lawyer, told lawyers for both sides that the arbitrators plan to hold the last of their meetings with their own scientific expert, Dr. Francesco Botre, on Sept. 12. Botre, the director of the World Anti-Doping Agency-accredited lab in Rome, Italy, attended the entire hearing in order to collect information and present his opinions privately to the panel.

After that session, Brunet wrote, the panel expects to be able to formally close the hearing — an action that would start the official clock ticking. The panel must issue a decision within 10 calendar days of closing the hearing.

The memo offered no real clues as to why the panel has taken three months to reach a decision in the case, in which the 2006 Tour de France winner is disputing his positive test for synthetic testosterone in the crucial Stage 17 of that year’s race.

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