Good Times on the Left Side.

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I just got back from a little trip to the Left Side, LA to be specific, Venice to pinpoint it. I went with the main objective of shredding jerks with my laser eyes, however this mission was curbed the second I saw my girl Allison at the airport hopping up and down to peep over the domes of those that stood between us. My heart instantly went soft, but other members of my anatomical baseball team did not. She’d been out there for about a week before me, so I was psyched to deaf to see her.

I’m not a hucker, a sprinter, a hard core, or a lifer by any means. I am merely an enthusiast wheeling down the sidewalks of life on my Trek 7200. If I ever display any kind of obsessive behavior in regards to cycling, it’s most likely aimed at getting my adjustable stem to sit a little closer to the bars. Anyways…

We had shitloads of fun, fun, beer, Jack, and fun, but the main highlight would have to be taking a KILLER cruise up and down the beach on actual bicycles, including a great sauce stop at marina vantage point known as “The Angler’s Choice”. It was an out-and-back ride for sure, and as with any such ride, it is always best punctuated with a healthy dose of the suds. I saw tons of Anglers whilst pouring booze down my flip-top-neck. It was an absolute Fisherman’s mecca if you consider fishing to be an activity consisting of posing your family in front of the pretty sailboats and catching them on film. There was so much nonsense going on there. “Spirit Cruises” coming and going, or as they call ’em around the office, “Team Building Activities”. Business Fucks. Sailboats came in and out as the sauce went down and down. Beautiful.

That bike ride was certainly the tippy top of the visit, though. It had been so long since I’d thrown leg over tube and gone cruising. And to be able to share that with someone so rad is absolute bliss. We clowned so hard, and my girl is fucking hilarious. She was giving courtesy dings from the bell to every passerby, and just cracking my shit up the whole time. She’s great at throwing sharpened commentary at those who don’t acknowledge the ding. No sooner will they have passed, before she’ll throw a “Fine, Dick!” at em. Sharpest Dick Darts I’ve ever witnessed. Bikes + Your Girl + You = Killer

So I guess I’ve spent way too much time ignoring the FACT that I really love making cirlcles out in the world, and that there are so many fun times to be had on a bike. I haven’t been hating by any means, but for the past 4 years, for whatever reason, cycling’s just been the cousin that I haven’t been in touch with. I’ve sort of been sitting around pulling the old “Why should I call him, if he never calls me?”. Well the standoff is over. I made the call, and come to find out, we’re still as close as we used to be.

Grease it.

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