“It was exciting, ’till they kicked him out”

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Floyd on the record, at Leadville, about the his future and the Tour’s future.

Floyd, man, the system doesn’t work? Or doesn’t it work because you got busted?

And i’ve always wondered about the Dale Earnhardt look you brought to cycling with those glasses and the low hats…your comments that all the organizations need to talk to each other sounds reasonable, but would a NASCAR-like organization make things any neater or less chaotic? i mean, how do i know that NASCAR isn’t rigged? The little dramas, the fights, the images – Jeff Gordon “good guy” Tony Stewart “bad guy” sounds an awful lot like a soap opera! So Vino bad, Tyler good, err… they both got caught doing the same thing…

Cycling’s better than NASCAR. period. How the fuck did i end up talking about NASCAR? and i haven’t watched a race in years – how do i know about Gordon/Stewart???? Shit seeps into my conscious! AAAGH!

i need to go ride. peace.

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5 Replies to ““It was exciting, ’till they kicked him out””

  1. In my business I’m rather close to the Nascar world. I know a few secrets.

    As far as sponsorships go, with NASCAR getting a cut of everything, tell me which scenario do you all think is better for gross sponsorship revenue?:

    A) No dominant teams or racers, but everyone either gets a taste of victory, or comes close every so often. IE, you never know who’ll win.

    B) The best teams and drivers win.

    What if a major sponsor spends $80MM per year to field a team that never ever wins? How long do you think they’ll be around?

    The NASCAR officials who inspect the technical aspects of the cars (and tell the teams what is allowed and what is not) have more than a little latitude to overlook (wink, wink) things every so often.

    The cover story is that the cars are very equal, but cars have lots of variables that can be adjusted to make one more powerful than another on a certain week.

  2. …shitfire, son. Them ol’ boys like Junior Johnson, Cale Yarborough, Dale Sr., David Pearson ‘n’ even ‘the King’, Richard Petty used ta piss gasoline, kick ass ‘n’ RACE them some Stock Cars !! Damn !

    Nowdays, them new little girls, scuse me, ment ta say drivers, git gelded at the front door so’s they’ll be ‘politically fuckin’ correct’ ‘n’ brian france & mike helton is making money, hand over fist, sellin’ ya “sports entertainment” w/ bands ‘n’ bullshit ‘n’ probably a poetry readin’ comin’ up.

    Sumpthin’s been lost in America, son, ‘n’ we need ta git back ta some old time racin’. Tear up some pavement, throw down some insults, shake some fists, bang some fenders, you kick my ass ‘n’ i’ll kick yurs, wave the godamn checkered & then we’ll all go out ‘n’ have a drink & a laugh. Shitfire, boys, that’ed be some RACIN’!!

  3. the only thing that needs knowing about nascar is that there is always something *else* on the telly.

    ..seriously, if youtube existed before nascar became the marketing juggernaut that it is, it (nascar) wouldn’t ever get past the level of the alcohol fueled smash-up at the county fair.

    Think about it, on youtube you can watch regular fuckwits stand on the hood of their trucks while they smash into trees (amongst other glimpses into Darwins waiting room) and it is;
    at least as entertaining,
    wastes only a fraction of the time,
    provides the same self esteem boost that is only attainable by watching (barely) living proof that yer waaay more intelligent than those sorry strugglers who sign up to and/or film themselves ‘cheating death’.

    yep, Nascar is obsolete. Youtube has it beat hands down.