Slipstream signs Backstedt

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I’ve been very excited about the Slipstream/Chipotle Professional Cycling Team, and not just because of their jerseys. Which, by the way, kick ass.

They’ve signed a lot of talent for next season. They got Dean, Millar, Zabriskie, and Vande Velde already.

And now they got Magnus Backstedt.

Magnus Backstedt has announced that he is the mysterious Paris-Roubaix winner signed by Jonathan Vaughters’ Team Slipstream for 2008. Vaughters’ announced to Cyclingnews last week that he had signed an active winner of the French classic, but refused to name which professional had signed with the squad.

“I feel that it is time for a new start and I am extremely attracted by the programme and values of Team Slipstream/Chipotle,” said Backstedt, reffering to the squad’s ethos of a doping-free environment. “Jonathan Vaughters and myself were team mates at Credit Agricole, as soon as I spoke with him regarding the possibility of me joining the team, I knew it was the right decision.”

“I think Slipstream/Chipotle will be a breath of fresh air for cycling,” said the 2004 Roubaix winner. “I’m sure we will get a ride in Paris Roubaix and we will be on the start line for the Tour de France. With the guys we have, I think we could do some damage in team time trials as well.”


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9 Replies to “Slipstream signs Backstedt”

  1. This is something to be excited about. i know where i’ll be next January – riding the roads of Julian CA with my digi-cam in my right hand pocket.

    saw those boys this year come over some big climb in the hills and heard them dropping gears like bombs.

    Clack clack clack.

    wattage in the cottage, the natural way.

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  3. …hey bartender, gimme a shot of ‘Clean Cycling & a Maggy Back’.

    Cheers to Jonathon V. & the Slips.

  4. It was not too long ago that JV was complaining about the strict drug policies of the TDF. Remember that rest day ride wasp sting turned his face into elephant man? Dude went on TV all puffy sayn they were too strict n shit

  5. …a bad knee or a bad hip & cortisone would have been allowed (& that shit used regularly will eventually deteriorate cartilage) but JV wasn’t allowed cortisone to bring down his facial swelling.

    Woulda worked almost immediately & you saw his face!