Leadville cometh

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I leave for Leadville tomorrow morning, early of course. There is no other way to tackle a ten hour drive. You gotta hit it hard just as the sky warms. That way, by the time you even think about breakfast, you’re already a hundred miles away. This will be my first time going up to that part of Colorado without the whole race thing to think/obsess about. Could be interesting. I can just sit at the bar and get loaded.

And I’m strangely comfortable with that.

Link dump:

[never give up] youtube.com
[China is so fucked] cnn.com
[oh, that sucks] photo.net
[the pollution charge] driving.timesonline.co.uk
[Curse of the pirate] timesonline.co.uk
[you just can’t make this shit up] jalopnik.com
[help a brother out] mollycameron.com
[doping news] business.timesonline.co.uk
[I have no idea…] youtube.com
[Lookin’ for the Maillot Juane] defeet.com
[art] dylansisson.com

And now some reader email:

From: Don
Subject: road rage
goddamn jonny, wtf is going on? Two road ragers directed at me and another oblivious dickhead who ran me off the road—all in the last three weeks. Is it the heat? Today, riding in a freakin’ state park south of Denver, an ass lunged at me with his car, then proceeded to tell me that bikes didn’t belong on the road, cussed me out, threw something at me, flipped me off after blocking the road, then took off.

So I call the State Patrol hot line to report it and got an earful of, “Well, why weren’t you on the bike path?” ‘Scuse my french but screw you!!! Cyclists by the hundreds use the park’s perimeter road for training. I put a lot of miles in and this was the first time I have ever reported such an incident. The fear is starting to build. Who knows what these ‘holes might pull next?

No disrespect but I don’t want to end up in a hospital bed like my favorite blogger.
Stay safe!

Keep the rubber side down out there, folks.

From: Peter
Subject: Believe Tyler donation site is still live

the www.believetyler.org archive is here


its all good for a chuckle

Yep. It’s good for a chuckle.

I wonder where the money people donate is going these days? His “defense”? Yeah right. It’s probably helping pay his rent.

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6 Replies to “Leadville cometh”

  1. That youtube link says Chinese food ‘made from cardboard’makes
    you happy.. yumm yumm.. lol

  2. A friend who happens to be japaneese explained that Tricky-device-pinball-better mousetrap-thing video.

    Appearantly it’s a children’s educational show.
    [url=link]http://news.3yen.com/2006-04-16/nhks-pitagora-switch/ [/url]

    She said they are saying, “pitagorasuichi” which is Pitagora-Switch in a sort of japaneese acent.

    Pretty cool to watch though…kinda wish I could ride like those pinballs.

  3. Sad to think I believed that story about flavored cardboard. It didn’t seem out of line to me in the slightest considering what I’ve been hearing lately.

    From the article Heckler linked above: http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/world/AP-China-Tainted-Products.html

    “In one of the more bizarre cases, a court in Beijing on Sunday sentenced a reporter to one year in jail after he pleaded guilty to faking a television report that showed migrant workers making meat buns stuffed with cardboard for sale.

    The report, concocted by freelance reporter Zi Beijia, fanned fears in China and abroad about China’s poor food safety record. The report appeared on national television and was widely seen on the Web site YouTube.”

    No shit.