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9 Replies to “I Believe Mayo…”

  1. I know they’re not expensive, but still, it’s hard to imagine you have enough cash to keep this rate of purchasing up.

    The pace of positives is pretty fucking unreal.

  2. Why are you waiting until AFTER they get caught? Take preemptive action…


  3. Training Diary:
    pre-ride intake —– Ham sandwich w/ MAYO before ride. Juice.
    ride observations — I AM the man, I AM sooo good.
    post-ride observations —- Noticeable 10%increase in power
    afterthoughts ——— Guilty conscience, but just a little.

    Rider: E.P.O’Really

  4. where are the results if he did do EPO?
    seemed to me he had a hard enough time getting out of bed each morning, much less even be a competitor. he was terrible from the start,,placebo??

  5. He finished 16th in the Tour. He won a stage in the Giro.

    Terrible, terrible.

    Boy, those are not results at all.

    Oh I see, he didn’t electrify the Tour with a dominating mountain ride.

    He was certainly only taking tiny doses of EPO, since anything more than micro doses are detectable, and he clearly screwed up the amount and the timing.

    But this is part of the problem. A rider has to dope just to keep up, and then if he trips a positive, we get people disputing the doping because he didn’t have results in line with what one thinks “should” be probable with respect to doping.

    Flip it on it’s head BikeJockey, you have to dope just to keep up, not to get a super high result. Why? Because at least 50 guys or more are doping at that level or much higher.

    EPO is ancient history now. Its detectable and the labs have been fine tuning and fine tuning the test lowering the detectable limit for about six years now. The fact that Mayo was using EPO, shows how primitive and off the back he is on the technology curve.

    Its transfusing your own blood (same effect as EPO but nearly impossible to detect) that is where the race is won or lost. That takes logistics. You have to have a storage place, and someone to secretly bring the blood in stored cold. For some teams, this is easy. If the whole team blood dopes and they have the logistics and people all set up. For others, its a nightmare because the team isn’t in on it. If you get desperate, you might try EPO, which is just an ampule and a thermos and a needle, but then you might get busted.

    I’ll have mine without mayo please.

  6. oh yeah…I forgot…he’s not denying it…

    Finally some integrity in the sport.