Bradley Wiggins speaks

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I don’t know about you, but I have a tremendous amount of respect for riders like Bradley Wiggins.

“I wouldn’t say I’m bitter,” He replied when asked. “I’m angered by it and it’s made my determination to come through this whole thing and to prove that there can be clean winners in this sport.”

“Ten years ago it was rife in the sport and there’s a new generation coming through now and unfortunately it’s the older guys who were there back in 1998 that are still willing to push the boundaries and see how far they can go without being caught,” he continued. “Hopefully the new generation that are coming through – the guys you saw protesting on the line are the guys that are going to be the future of the sport and the Tour de France.”


Someone should give Vaughters his phone number. They would make beautiful music together.

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5 Replies to “Bradley Wiggins speaks”

  1. Except Vaughters probably doped when he set the record up Mt Ventoux………..Ex postie, remember?

  2. …sometimes having made a few mistakes, a man has a better platform to stand on…

  3. I think Vaughters has openly admitted his doping. Its why he retired at 29. The doping disgusted him. He was genetically one of the best climbers ever, but without dope he couldn’t compete. So he doped, and then he said fuck it.

    It’s these feelings that prompted him to start Slipstream, and he put his own skin in that game.

    Here is a current article a lot about Vaughters and Slipstream

  4. Check out Brad’s hair. He’s gotta be takin’ something to be sporting a wig like that. Yeah, he’s clean. Just like Millar was clean and equally outraged.