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More on the pissing match between the ASO and UCI:

After months of tension between the company and the UCI over the ProTour, [ASO chief Patrice] Clerc directly accused the governing body on Friday evening of being involved in disclosure of this information, suggesting that there could be an ulterior motive. “I have to ask certain questions about the UCI and their timing,” he said. “Why are they bringing this up now when they had the information last month?”

UCI president Pat McQuaid has reacted angrily to this, rejecting suggestions that the UCI were involved in the release of such information while Rasmussen was in yellow. He said that he is demanding an apology from ASO over these suggestions plus a heated phone call made to him by Prudhomme on Thursday night.


I wish these guys would spend more time trying to clean up the sport and less time pissing on each other’s shoes.

“Because of that, it is absolutely unacceptable for ASO to come and accuse me last night of trying to kill the Tour de France. I am now waiting for and expecting an apology from Christian Prudhomme for his behaviour and the insults he hurled at me on the telephone last night.”

“I am really, really annoyed with ASO. They are paranoid about the UCI and the fact that they think the UCI is out to get them. We had absolutely nothing to do with this [the release of the news when Rasmussen was in the yellow jersey]. For ASO to come along and accuse the UCI that they are out to damage the Tour de France – particularly after the anti-doping efforts we made before the race with the new charter – is absolutely inexplicable.”

I can understand the ASO’s position: Why were they not informed that Rasmussen had missed four (4) out of competition tests this year?

McQuaid offers up this tepid excuse (from the same cyclingnews page as above):

“He has got a Monaco licence, he is with a Dutch team, he lives in Italy, his wife is from Mexico and he spends quite a bit of time there at her place. So he moves around and is hard to track down. He missed two UCI out of competition tests in the month of June and has also missed two of the Danish National agency tests as well.”

Current rules stipulate that three missed tests qualify as a doping case. However there is a proviso that the same body has to attempt to carry out these tests. “The rules are that if you missed three you get suspended, but the rules don’t state that you can join together the agencies or whatever,” he explained.

Current rules nothing, they guy is shady. And the ASO wants to know about it well in advance.

Shit, they excluded several riders last year with less than 24 hours notice. I don’t think they’d hesitate to pull a rider a day before the start again. I don’t think they’d hesitate for a minute to do that.

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One Reply to “ASO vs. UCI”

  1. Welcome to the ‘Dance in France” brought to you by Commissioner Vince McMahon, & the WCE, the best in “cycling entertainment”.
    Before we join Stone Cold Kid Contador & his rival, the Yellow Chicken on the slopes of the Col de Potty Poo, lets take a look @ whats happening in World Cycling Entertainment.

    Those not-so-neutral Swiss are trying to open a can of whoop-ass on der Kaiser for his old habits of beer, babes & drugs. I say the man hadda do what the man hadda do. Back off, you Swishies !

    We’ll have tag-team highlights of the pissing match between Irish Pat McQuaid w/ his partner Big Dick Pound VS. Sissy Chrissy Prudhomme & his backup Patrice (I’ve got a girls name)Clerc. This confront was golden all the way ! Lottsa “Oh yes, you did !Oh no I dittn’t” kinda stuff. A real silly slap fest for you kids.

    Well, back to to-nites ‘Main Event’ where the Kid is tryin’ to put the Chicken’s knickers in a knot, while Cagey Cadel & Lop-along Levi try to lull each other to sleep…..

    Sorry, Big Jonny, I apologize. I may go to Hell for this take-off but unfortunately the sport may be there, waiting for me.