The Chicken Tender?

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Oh, I just can’t resist getting in this double entendre action.

Check out the image and caption at

The dude in the background is hopefully making sure Rasmussen doesn’t trick anybody.

Because he’s the Chicken Tender.

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10 Replies to “The Chicken Tender?”

  1. can we get some organic chicken?

    a little less marinated in Mexican pharmacopoeia ?

    What do you get when you cross a chicken with a cow?


    Speaking of cow blood, can you tell the teams who are trying to enforce internal drug controls vs. those who aren’t, or what!

    What do you think about the deal / nondeal?
    The race leaders were seen speaking and nodding their heads in agreement with 2500 meters to go, and Rasmussen clearly led out Contador in the final kilometer.

    But with less than 500 meters remaining, Rasmussen upped the pace, and a surprised Contador struggled to come around to take the win. In the minutes following the stage, Contador initially told Spanish radio that the pair had made an agreement that would benefit them both.

    “We spoke about the stage in the last kilometers. I was surprised at how hard Rasmussen went at the end. I was able to come around at the end to win the sprint,” Contador said, adding sarcastically, “So he is really a man of his word.”
    End Quote

  2. “parts is parts” & Chicken Tender don’t seem ta care what kinda ‘sauce’ goes w/ his parts as long as it’s undetectable.

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