Jonathan Vaughters moves the ball forward

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A reader email:

From: bikesgonewild
Subject: Slipstream vs. mainstream
Just wondered on your take (& the take of your writers & readers) on the J.Vaughters/ Slipstream article in yesterday. The guys been at the proactive vanguard of the movement it seems, since day one. Deserves credit, I think, in the form of that big title sponsor check w/ the
opportunity to fulfill his intent. Might be some shit I don’t know about, but figured DC was a great place to learn.
Dig the site & enjoy the chance to murmur or scream into space as the case
may be. Thanks. Ciao

An interesting question.

And a good quote from the cyclingnews article below:

Perfection in the process. This is the mantra by which Vaughters operates his team, and he says it works well in things like fighting doping. “You have to pound it into the heads of your riders that we would rather have you finish ninth and not dope than have you win and dope,” he said. “You have to say that over and over again, and you have to prove that you mean that when they don’t perform or win that you are still supportive. As soon as you get into that win, win, win, win, win mentality, whether or not you want it, you are going to start pushing the doping mentality.”

Vaughters is trying to move the ball forward. He might even sign up some solid talent next year, race ProTour events and make a mark. I especially like it that he’s addressing the doping issue head on.

Maybe he’s chasing his own demons?

Regardless of his motivation, cycling benefits from the work of men like him.

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