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  1. Anyone else find it convenient that they announce the positive result right after he “crashes out of the race” by hitting a spectator??

  2. CN has posted a bunch of shit on the T-Mobile process (links inside their race diary of today). Apparently T-Mobile pays NADA (german doping agency) for extra tests and also can tip them off when to test their own teamies, these are the drug control tests. The test results are reported first to the UCI, so T-Mobile is not involved at all in the process. They also conduct their own longitudinal blood volume and blood fraction tests and those are reported directly to the UCI and an outside contractor carries these out.

    Apparently the test that Sinekewitz failed was at a team training camp and payed for by T-Mobile but carried out by NADA.

  3. You can fool all of the people some of the time &
    you can fool some of the people all of the time,
    BUT you play that game & now & again,you’re gonna get your ass handed to you on a platter.
    Pony up, Sinekewitz. Hope that years’ salary loss hurts !

  4. fuck tyler and his dog

    anyway did you catch christain vande nelde’s remarks?

    “So, all is well, we are chugging along in the guts of the race right now. Some in the peloton are thinking of what could have been and some of the guys still have big dreams. One big loser of the week and I use that term in the broad sense when it comes to him, is Patrick stinky pits (sorry, I don’t know how to spell his last name).

    He smashed his face after the race the other day and then found out he turned a positive test this morning. And you thought you were having a bad week?!?

    Not that I feel for him in the slightest way. Frankly, if he needs any help re-breaking his nose, I know a lot of people who would love to give him a hand.”

    Can we get a Velo News video diary of this dude instead of mr monotone DZ? This guy talks the smak in a big way


  5. –Former wearer of the yellow jersey and Germany’s hope for the future, Linus Gerdemann, talked with Cyclingnews about his teammate’s positive test. “It’s difficult to say something right now because we heard it just before the start. If it’s true, then it is bad news for us, but it also shows that the system starts to work. It shows that the possibilities to dope are getting smaller.–

    That and more at: