The truth wants to come out

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This is an old one, but it’s making the rounds again. Must be Tour time or something. Back in January of 2006 I posted a transcript of an instant message between Frankie Andreu (FDREU) and Jonathan Vaughters (Cyclevaughters) the morning of July 26, 2005.

Cyclevaughters: yeah, it’s very complex how the avoid all the controls now, but it’s not any new drug or anything, just the resources and planning to pull of a well devised plan

Cyclevaughters: it’s why they all got dropped on stage 9 – no refill yet – then on the rest day – boom 800ml of packed cells

FDREU: they have it mastered. good point

Cyclevaughters: they draw the blood right after the dauphine

FDREU: how do they sneak it in, or keep it until needed

FDREU: i’m sure it’s not with the truck in the frig

Cyclevaughters: motorcycle – refridgerated panniers

Cyclevaughters: on the rest day

Cyclevaughters: floyd has a photo of the thing

You can view the whole thing here:

Interesting to note how quickly Jonathon Vaughters backpedaled when that transcript saw the light of day. He was feeling the heat from somewhere.

Vaughters said he could not be sure if Floyd Landis really had photographs of the alleged doping practices. “I regret saying Floyd said anything to me in that IM because it was a friend of Floyd’s,” he continued. “In fact, everything I wrote in that IM was something I heard from somewhere else.”


Landis, of course, denies knowing anything about anything.

“When I talked to Vaughters he said that you know, he was just trying to get Frankie going,” and Landis added.“ I have no idea what possessed him to make that up. I wish I knew.”


Frankie Andreu admitted to doping in his career, but said it was just him, all alone, by himself, a couple of times. He sounds like a kid who got caught stealing from his parent’s liquor cabinet. Review this article to freshen up.

I think there was more than the claimed one box of EPO he picked up in Switzerland, by himself, and used in “only a few races” without the knowledge, permission and backing of his team. I cannot believe he was able to contribute to the success of US Postal in the manner he did during the Wide Open Drug Years without taking drugs himself.

I just cannot believe that, Frankie. Not for one minute.

I’ll play the lottery this week, and if I hit, I’ll start a pro team, hire guys like Vaughters and Andreu on long term contracts. I’ll call ’em “advisors”. Then they can say whatever they want. And no one can lean on them, take away their jobs or threaten their livelihood. Because I’ll be the check signer, and I want them to tell the truth.

Wouldn’t that be something?

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5 Replies to “The truth wants to come out”

  1. One thing I’ve learned from *some people* is that the riders LOVE to take pics and videos of the whole doping thing.

    Some kind of bonding tribal hilarity. Sort of like your trailer trash parties.

    Somewhere out there, is a gigantic Abu Gharib DVD just chock full of pics of the doping goods, videos of the team officials delivering the doping protocol.

    We can only hope for the sake of voyeurism one of those gets mailed to Shoey Schumaker.

  2. Andreu is a bitch who has bitten the hand that feeds him one too many times. He’s borderline unemployed now because of it.
    I’m waiting for Vaughters to take his team to Europe to race fulltime. I’m sure his shit-talking will win him a lot a friends among the Euros.

    The IM conversation is nothing more than two washed up hens gossiping. When they are called on it, they suddenly can’t remember or regret saying things.

    Pussies, the both of them.

  3. pass the turner kit and syringe muafua

    IM me at shoeyshoemaker on yahoo but don’t use a fake name

  4. how about hincapie? he isn’t really breaking legs anymore in the mountains i guess either. mmm. funny that. i think you can play this game with a lot of riders of the modern era.

  5. Shitload a truth hangin’ on the lips of a lotta guilty consciences in that peleton but the attitude for the most part is,” I ain’t the one gonna be hung out to dry !”
    Still think some kind of amnesty is the only way out. Clean it up or there won’t be any sponsors bigger than bicycle & tire companies.