‘Chicken’ lays an egg

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Ho, ho. Michael “Chicken” Rasmussen as much as called Denis Menchov a pussy after today’s stage of Le Tour. Quacks Big Bird, as quoted by VeloNews:

“I am very happy with today. Now there is no doubt about who is the captain of this team is. I felt very clear in the head today seeing the tactics of the race. It was disappointing that Menchov couldn’t get his ass over the Galibier.”

If I time-trialed the way Chicken does, I’d keep my beak shut until Paris. He might need a little help between Briançon and the Champs-Elysees — and he might even need it from Menchov.

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8 Replies to “‘Chicken’ lays an egg”

  1. That was pretty hilarious. Considering the long ride to Paris, it’s a bit early to be trash talking your own teammates in the press.

  2. no shit. he is a clown of a personality. two examples: we took him on the hermosa creek tr in durango in 1998. he crashed and flatted and cried like a baby. (this is at max a girlfriend ride btw)and proclaimed he hated mountain biking. we didn’t invite him to ride anymore.
    second-chandon winery saved the Napa World Cup in 1999 and put together a great venue and awesome course for a first year venue. rasmussen as reigning World champ hits press conference and talks about how shitty the new course and venue was.
    awesome dude. he’s a zoid living on borrowed time. prediction: pain. he will be 4 minutes down in paris.

  3. Great stage but plenty of pussies sucking wheel

    Chicken can back his smack

  4. well lets just say the day some pro called me a pussy on a training
    ride i almost ripped his ass in half..no name droppin here. but that pissed me off. i was on my cross bike doing “low key ride”

    ahh well life went on and i turned around, fuck him i said
    after coming to blows.. kinda fun tho- broke up the ride ;-)

    I think you really have to keep your head in this sport
    thats what really turned me off after some years of playing


  5. There are indeed some major cocksuckers in this sport regardless of their ability in the saddle.

  6. This guy will need the whole team before he hits Paris. I like Chicken but Damn.