Pat Tillman

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Something we all should be thinking about.

From: John
Regardless of how anyone feels about US foreign policy this guy deserved way better, any way you look at it.

Pat Tillman’s number on the bb shell.  Much respect.

I like to remind myself what a pussy I am right before I get on my bike…..

I couldn’t agree more.

In case you’re wondering why he has the number 40 painted on his bottom bracket shell, that was Pat Tillman’s number.

This next pic is from Cardinal’s Stadium when they retired Tillman’s jersey.

Pat Tillman’s jersey retired

That guy walked away from a multi-million dollar contract and joined the service. When he died, the bastards lied about it through their teeth.

And that ain’t right.

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4 Replies to “Pat Tillman”

  1. Nothing against Pat Tillman but what does him walking away from a multi-million dollar contract make him such a hero? What about your next door neighboor that lives a “middle class” life and will never see that kind of money but joined the military way before any war or threat of war started and also payed the ultimate sacrifice with his life? All that die should be receiving the attention such as Pat Tillman. I am a true believer in patriotism and am a veteran but I find it truley dissapointing that something major had to happen to America before we were awoke from this “untouchable” status.

  2. pat tillman, I am sorry he died, I am sorry his wife and child he never met now have to find a way to survive. he could have provided for them and their childrens children, but the fucking moron believed the same lie we are being fed everyday and died in some fucking hell hole. what a fucking moron!
    I am sorry but his story is the stupidest thing I have ever heard!
    flavor flav said it best, “dont believe the hype!”

  3. Bob Jackson is kinda missing the point. To paraphrase Chris Rock, to blame a politician for manipulation of sentiment is like picking on a retarded kid for double dribbling – you gotta let some shit slide. Armed conflicts always invlove pulling a Jedi Mind Trick. We are generally not terribly cognizant of our politicians’ actions, nor do we seem to give two wet shits about something until not just a little shit, but the whole fucking cow hits the fan. This is always going to be our fault until we learn better.

    Pat Tillman’s death is absolutely tragic. I agree with Ace in that his life or death should not amount to anything more than the next person who signs up with the Armed Forces for the same reasons Mr. Tillman did – out of faith and patriotism. Then again, we should not really need to have heroes, because we should all be able to be the best there is, right? Was Mr. Tillman a moron as Bob Jackson implies because he believed that he could do more for his country as a US Army Ranger than as a pro football player? For that matter, Bob Jackson is sending out mixed signals. He’s sorry that Pat Tillman died, and then he calls him a fucking moron?

    There are any number of other reasons why we should be angry about the perpetual Mongolian Clusterfuck our country seems to be in. One of them could be why we don’t put political candidates under greater scrutiny so as to avoid any conflicts of interest – like say some asshole who worked for Halliburton before the 2000 election…and became the Vice President. Yes, I know Dick Cheney covered his ass legally, but why is it that we say “Gee something smells bad, but it ain’t all that bad,” instead of “Goddamnit, something fucking stinks. Get rid of whatever is making that foul stench!”

  4. Tillman’s family was lied too.

    The coverup continues: [URL=””]Today’s News[/URL]