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From: Lovedog
Could you please post this statement from my self and Gord Fraser.

After talking with Gord and hearing about some of the feedback he has received, it seems some of the content of my previous email have been misconstrued. So please allow clarification.

Please understand this VERY CLEARLY:

The email was not about who is or who is not clean. My point was that if people in positions to make a difference choose to not be involved, the status quo will prevail. Having had the chance to discuss this, Gord agrees.

This email didn’t need specific names attached to it. Calling out a specific person was not my primary intention and I apologize for anything that appears to the contrary. The purpose of the email was to illustrate the frustration of non-action regarding movements like RIDECLEAN by people who are in key positions to have a very positive impact.

In talking with Gord it is now apparent that he was not familiar with the RIDECLEAN project and he is apologetic for his reaction. For example, there have been previous outfits like the DeCanio site and Dopers Suck that approach this topic from a different perspective. With the opportunity to give Gord more explanation about the RIDECLEAN movement for change ( ), he is receptive.

Part of the problem perhaps lies in the negativity of talking about doping as a Pro cyclist.

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  1. Good call there. There’s too much he says she says bull shit in the pro bike world anyway. It is about taking a stand one way or another. Check out Gerdemann’s post-win interview on Versus today. He took a stand. We need more like him and less of those whose silence speaks plenty.