I like me some weekend

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I rode for three hours this morning.

I weight 210 pounds.

I just ate three turkey sandwitches.

I’m happier than a pig in shit.

Last Sunday I put 10 speed Dura Ace on my Moser. She was fixed until then.

Hot pink Moser

All morning, when I was with the group ride, before I got dropped out by Ashurst Lake, I’d look at people and say “What game play?”

They all thought I was fucking crazy. I guess they haven’t checked out Zabriskie yet…

Linus Gerdemann takes today’s stage in style. Good on ya. Where’s the blanket and piano?

My wife took one look at him on the podium and says, “That kid is gay.”


“He’s gay. Hot too. In a really young gay guy kind of way.”

Link dump:

[bush] talkingpointsmemo.com
[pinned under a tire?] motherjones.com
[lupo = wolf] veloveneto-world.blogspot.com
[pagers please] thetraveljunkie.ca
[go figure] news.bbc.co.uk
[epo – the song] dailymotion.com

I came across this one today while googling Cipo (don’t ask). This can’t be that Mario Cipollini, can it?

Site Description: Semplice Bellezza, nude portraits of real women:
Italian photographer Mario Cipollini’s photographic project about
female beauty.

Link: photolinks.com

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