Steel is real

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Kona just had a press launch for their 2008 line. I wasn’t there. But someone name Justin from Dirt Rag was. Read about it here:

Happy. Happy. Joy. Joy.

Jonny’s new bike is going to look a lot like this:

I am 100% down with lugged steel.

And I just gotta comment on the fact that the drops are pointing at the fucking seat. Turn ’em back a bit, will ya? Make ’em level or point ’em at the rear brake. What, some downhiller assclown threw this one together between airing up negative springs and polishing helmets?

At least the seat is level…

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11 Replies to “Steel is real”

  1. Lugged steel? what! you don’t want all the carbon, plastic retarded, glued, “integrated”, nonsense, garbage out there right now?
    you are so not hip

  2. For all those that checked the link, Dirt Rag forgot to mention that there will be a version for Jonny with a total of 4 seatstays, or Kona calls it, the “Bar Stool Rear Triangle”. It will suffer in the “vertical compliance” category, but will be prove impervious to the punishment inflicted off-season chicken fried steak binge eaters.

  3. why ride a rivendale when you could ride the lugged kona. Retro is the shit!