Doping at Mapei?

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Is there really “Proof of systematic doping at Mapei?”

Could be. We’ll be hearing more on this one, I’m sure of that. The truth wants to come out.

Documents have surfaced in Italy which offer proof of systematic doping by the defunct Italian Team Mapei, according to German television station ARD. During the 2001 season riders where systematically taking drugs such as EPO, testosterone, anabolic steroids, and also most likely synthetic insulin, the documents allegedly reveal.

No riders were named in the documents, according to the reports. Many riders taking part in this year’s Tour de France were members of the 2001 Mapei team, including the current bearer of the yellow jersey and Time Trial World Champion Fabian Cancellara (Team CSC) and Italian world champion Paolo Bettini (Quickstep-Innergetic).


More on the subject here:

Of course they doped. I don’t think anyone doubts it for a minute.. The check signer, one Mr. Giorgio Squinzi, pulled the plug on his squad back in 2002 because of the doping practices ingrained within the team.

As for his decision to stop his sponsorization, Squinzi said that “Circumstances forced me to make such a dramatic decision. The uncertainty over the future of cycling is way too big. The doping problem is getting bigger, and there’s no real solution in sight”.

Many think the turning point was the “Stefano Garzelli affair”, the doping scandal involving the Mapei’s rider in the last Giro d’Italia. After such a blow, no wonder that Mr. Squinzi, an outspoken, but coherent anti-doping “crusader”, may have thought his battle was somehow lost and consequently decided it was time for him to leave.


That alone speaks volumes.

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  1. Mapei didn’t dope, and Lance didn’t fucking dope either. Nice Cancellera, fucking nice! Fuck you Museeuw.