A couple Tour related emails

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First two of many, I’m sure.

From: PD
Subject: sticker the TDF
There are security cams everywhere in London, so I’m sure the fact that I put a Drunk cyclist-two wheels, one Dark Lord-stick -on the barrier railing at the inside of the sharp corner at the last tight turn did not go unnoticed. The authorities are, even now monitoring my e-mail, so I may have to send my next correspondence from an English prison. I hope it’s not like the English navy. Bloody hell. If it still stands in the AM, I am the hero of the revolution for at least one day. If you can even see it on TV, not read it, just see it, I am a demi-god for life.
Oh, yeh.

Good luck, PD. Seems like you might need it. You do work at a hospital after all. they’re watching guys like you these days.

From: Lovedog
Thought I’d send out this notice since the 2007 Tour de France is fast approaching. With the un-ending drug scandals, implications and confessions, our project RIDECLEAN seems so very relevant.

We all have our ideas on the current state of sport, but we do not all get the chance to state our position, as the riders do by signing the UCIcharter. Joining RIDECLEAN offers a way to show your commitment to the transformation we see in the world regarding sporting ethics, or at least connect with a like minded movement.

This ideal is not limited to sport. For example, politically speaking, wouldn’t it be fitting for our government officials to sign the equivalent of the UCI charter?

We are all in this together to contribute in our own ways. Einstein said: “Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving.” To extend this line of thought we suggest: “To keep one’s balance in Life, one must RIDECLEAN.” After all……life’s a ride…….RIDECLEAN.

If any of this sounds intriguing please check out our site at: rideclean.net or hit the link on the side bar.

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  1. Short Notice I know


    At the Monte V tonight show some love

    The guys would love to see you come out if you can

    Stereotyperider aint playing but the Revenge has almost all the same members