John Smeaton

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This is fucking great stuff.

From: Graeme
Subject: Hey guess what?
You live in a dictatorship !!! Over here, we’ve had the first attack in Scotland with a flaming car attempting to drive into the airport terminal whilst the occupants throw petrol bombs out. Thankfully since the seventies, terminal entrances have been designed to stop this kind of stuff and they got jammed. But check this out……Police intervene to arrest suspects only to have to pull off a member of the public who’d decided to intervene himself. Hard as nails, Glasgow folk. (Terrorist – Hah, hah infidels, we’re going to paradise !!! Glaswegian – Feck you Alphonse, we’re going to Torro Melinos !!!!!….sound of bone on bone as terrorist introduced to the Glasgae kiss…..) &

You can buy the man a pint at that website. Their goal is to line up a thoudands pints across the bar. Maybe they should just fill up a bathtub or some shit?

More about the man, the legend, John Smeaton.

In an interview with the BBC immediately after Saturday’s attack, Mr Smeaton, from Erskine, Renfrewshire, described how he had seen the two terror suspects getting out of the burning vehicle and attacking a lone policeman who attempted to subdue them.

The interview, which was broadcast around the world, saw Mr Smeaton describe how his first thought on being confronted by the two desperate suspects in a burning car as he smoked a cigarette during his break was: “What’s the score? I’ve got to get this sorted.”

He said: “I thought ‘that’s not right’ and ran over to assist. All that was going through my mind was I’ve got to help the policeman, I’m not letting these guys get away with this.”


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One Reply to “John Smeaton”

  1. Just paid the man. Fekkin Great.
    ” This coont come aht tha ker, i sees ‘m then i fekkin ran ovah an start fekkin kehkin’ ‘im. Ye doan doo thet teh coppers. Not in Glasgow, ye doan.”

    Right on.

    I like the part about how they have had their airports secure against attacks like this since the fekking 70’s.