Greg Lemond interviewed by Paul Kimmage

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This one is definitely than worth your time.

“There are a lot of unhealthy people that are driven to sports and they are driven by their own demons, their own past. You see it in business too; I’ve known some very successful, wealthy people and they are the most unhappy people you will ever meet. They can’t ever get enough money. They can’t ever get enough glory. They can’t ever fill the hole.

Read it here:

One more quote for ya, just in case you weren’t already committed to reading this whole damn thing:

“On the eve of your appearance you get the call from Will Geoghegan?”

“Yeah.” “What effect did that have on you?” “It was one of the most emotionally disturbing things that has ever happened to me and I’m hoping that the LA police and the DA [district attorney] are going to charge both Floyd and Will, because under his testimony, Floyd essentially admitted he was right there with Will all the way through. How else would he get the number?”

I don’t know about Landis, but I think Geoghegan is looking at a world of hurt. Maybe even felony charges. Witness tampering is serious business.

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4 Replies to “Greg Lemond interviewed by Paul Kimmage”

  1. but…”They can’t ever fill the hole”

    heh, i imagine he knows a thing or two about that.


    seriously. i’m a bad person.

  2. Witness tampering is bad….but, this was not a true court case, it was a mediation-I am no genius, but I think the 2 are far different.

  3. I think Will is the only person that Floyd admitted to, so he will never sell Will down the river.