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I’d tell ya I went for this awesome ride today, but I’d be lying. What I really did was a whole lot of nothing much. I did, however, air up the tires on three of my bikes and ride each one of them around the block.

Total ride time: less than one half hour.

I also put some new bar tape on my Ciocc. White. To match my new Rolls saddle. Just because I can.

I’m going to ride one of those bastards tomorrow morning. If I take out a road bike, I’ll probably head out on Lake Mary and roll out by the spot where I got hit.

Hell, I might roll by it even if I take out a mountain bike. You know, just because I can.

Here are a few recent emails:

From: Scott
Subject: Wednesday Night Crit Series July 18-Oct 31
It’s go time!!!! Check out the new “Wednesday Night Crit Series” on the calendar!!…Wed_Nite_Crit_2007.pdf

It’s also on calendar.

It’s beginning July 18th and running weekly through October 31. That’s right, 16 weeks, 16 races. It going to be huge! We’re doing it on the P1 Kart Track at night with the track fully lit up! 6-9 pm and tons of fun! C, B, A format at 30, 40, 50 minutes respectively. Prizes, primes, overall series champion, etc! Spread the word and come out and have some fun after work! It’s time Tucson has its own afternoon events. $10!!!!

PS-There will be a “HOT LAP” competition between the B & A race so bring what you got! Small entry fee pays the pot and fastest lap takes the cash. If you’re crazy enough to run TT gear on that course you just might win? Time to dust off those shoe covers!

See ya there!

You won’t be seeing me. But if there is one thing Tucson needs, it’s a weekly criterium. It ought to be good.

From: Matt
Subject: I just rode by bike.
Not very far…but I rode it hard until I tasted metal and I couldn’t breathe.
I hit bumps hard with my broken elbow and it felt great.
I yielded to kids on training wheels and smiled.
I almost stopped for a beer at The Olde Northender, but decided to keep riding.
I sat at North Beach and smiled at the Adirondacks that broke my elbow; the sunset was just as beautiful as always.
My legs hurt, and I’m out of shape after only a month.
I look forward to a new kind of pain.

Buddy, I’m right there with ya. But a month? Try ten months and see how pedaling feels.

Link dump:

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  1. I actually got on my bike on Friday, and kicked out just under 70k. Damn near killed me, but felt good after a shower and a beer. Haven’t looked at my bike since.