The iPhones are here, the iPhones are here!

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And the geeks are lining up to buy them as if Jenna Jameson had offered to autograph their dicks for them. Using lipstick. The lipstick on her lips. At $500 for the low-end model and $600 for the full-zoot version, I recommend you spend an equivalent amount on quality tequila and pretend you have one until The Black Turtleneck Mob in Cupertino goes all Orkin on all the bugs and clips the price to something sensible. My MacBook is just a couple of weeks out of warranty and has developed a nasty buzz on the left side of the keyboard and a bum battery that caused me to spend an hour on the phone battling various iTards this morning. It was nearly as much fun as reading doping news with needles in both eyes and an IV of battery acid plugged into my scrotum.

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One Reply to “The iPhones are here, the iPhones are here!”

  1. This iphone shit is off the wall, i love last nights demo
    here on live tv the dude had some x rated wesite and almost showed it to the public,, CLASSIC.. haha love it..
    ohh and the thing started to lock up, just wait for the price to
    drop or the second gen shit to relase.. we know that tech
    toys have issues on first release aka no more BETA.. just alpha
    beta.. :)