Petacchi back in.

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Petacchi will be in the Tour after all. Oh joy of joys.

I got him down for four (4) stage wins.

In an apparent vote of confidence, the Milram team has named Alessandro Petacchi to its Tour de France team despite suspending the sprinter for a suspicious doping test at the Giro d’Italia.


Jesus, what’s next?

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One Reply to “Petacchi back in.”

  1. waiting for the 56 TOOTH? sprint in the le tour..
    its gunna be some off the hook sprints first couple, when
    my wife says turn that shit down babe.. and im sprinting
    with my eyes glued to the tv spilling a beer.. with both my girls
    laffin.. daddy is funny.. nah daddy is just plain loco.. :)

    Team wife Tee,