Friday night and I’m feeling kinda sporty…

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…went to a bar and caught me a 40.

Yo, I changed it up from Saturday night. I can’t lie to ya.

Saturday Night - The Album

Schooly D. Straight outta 1987.

Happy Friday. This is what it looks like at my house tonight.

This is the wall behind my desk.

Anyway, here are a couple of mails that got knocked around this week for your reading pleasure.

From: Nathan
Subject: where’s the story?

This seems crazy to me.…cheney.documents

Didn’t we learn in grade school that the vice president is part of the executive branch? I don’t understand why this hasn’t been the biggest political story of the month. Between the president and the vice
president, the entire structure of our government has been reconstructed. My only hope is that there is no hope for future republicans, but I don’t believe that will be the case. Somebody needs to burn the entire administration, figuratively of course, on all this craziness. Vonnegut had it right about their pathologies, they make decisions and statements without regard for the truth at all.

Yo, it ain’t just crazy to you. It’s crazy to anyone who isn’t drinking the kook aid over at Fox.

From: Brian
Subject: RE: where’s the story?
I’ve actually been hearing this story quite a lot, but then I’ve stopped reading and watching much of the mainstream U.S. media. I have heard constitutional scholars say, on U.S. cable news channels (MSNBC) no
less, that Cheney’s ideas on interpretation of the constitution end logically in the establishment of a dictatorship.

I recently returned from Australia and I was surprised by how far U.S. standing has fallen (i.e., plummeted) in the world. I imagine all of us know this, since we read the news, but it was different standing at
newstands in Sydney talking to Australians as an American, to actually hear them speaking of the U.S. as just another country, albeit a dangerous one (and this is not hyperbole). We mostly saw analysis of
U.S. policy by foreign media, so we were very isolated from the U.S. media. For example, it is commonly accepted by much of the worldwide media that the Iraq war is over, and the U.S. lost. Right now, it is
just a process of Americans accepting the fact and getting out before more people get killed.

The story of the 20th century was the story of “the century of U.S.”, i.e., the U.S. as one of the dominant countries of the world, and possibly the most important country in the world (I say this as a
dispassionate observer, by the way). The 21st century will see the diminishment of U.S. power and the rise of Asia, as far as I can tell from travels and reading international media. This isn’t altogether a bad thing, since in a worldwide democracy all participate. Americans had better get used to it, however. They need to stop acting the aggressors and accept their new status.

I could tell you more about what I learned about neocon philosophy while in Australia, but I’ll spare you the time. This war wasn’t about oil; it was stimulated by the ideas of the neocons. Oil was just a
byproduct. Their philosophy was all about worldwide domination, and more as an imperial power, not the shining city on the hill. Cheney is/was the head neocon, which explains a lot of his actions.

Good times.

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This one just needs a pic. In fact, it demands it. And I’m not mood to say no tonight. Homeboy keeping it real north of the border:


The story:

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