Enough is enough

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Activist judges? i’ll show those talk radio bitches some activist judges. the morons our moron president has sent into the Supreme Court.

Ooops. that kind of language probably isn’t even protected any more. it just hasn’t been challenged yet.

The Supreme court just released its findings in a couple-three cases – and they were 5-4 bitter splits. Uniter? Divider.

In one, the just-ices in the majority overturned a ruling from only 4 years ago, saying key provisions of McCain-Feingold were unlawful. right. because it’s so wrong to keep big money and interest groups out of our elections. Chief just-ice Robber-ts explained his rulings: “Enough is enough.”

Election experts said the effect would be to undercut the soft-money section as well by permitting a largely unlimited flow of money from corporate treasuries to pay for the all-important broadcast advertisements in the weeks before primary and general elections. Groups seeking to influence the outcome of the election could easily sidestep the prohibition on explicit appeals for or against candidates, supporters of the law said.

source: NYTIMES.

In another, the “court” said that free speech isn’t free – if you’re talking about drugs and you’re affiliated with a school. Huh? what kind of finding is that? Some kid in Alaska unfurled a banner to get himself on TV at a rally – “Bong Hits for Jesus.” These guys in D.C. say that this kid is not permitted to prank like that. ok. maybe if he just hadn’t included the Jesus part. or the bong hits part. hmmm.

It gets worse. Don’t want your $$ going to faith-based programs? think that is a violation of church and state? there’s nothing you can do about it. you don’t have standing in a court. And that overturns a 39 year precedent.

One of the best institutions of our government has gone to hell in a handbasket. and this means that your rights to be different – to safely defy corporations when you ride your bike, to look at porn, to read and write what you want, are under fire.

The hiphop poet Sage Francis reminds us in Makeshift Patriot: “Don’t waive your rights with your flag.”

i’d say do something about this, but i don’t know how. oh, here’s a way. donate money. then DC can make a soft-money campaign ad to trash our politicians. Flip the script bitch. we’ll come at ’em with the very rules they create.


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10 Replies to “Enough is enough”

  1. just-ices? how ’bout just-asses. our gov’t is in such a pit right now that it’ll take decades to climb out. the recent republican purge in congress is not surprising-recall the democratic purge in the middle of the clinton admin- but it was too late to save the judicial branch, and now we have five livetime appointees that will take us back 20 years. not to mention the pathological personalities in the exectuve branch who would deny that they are in the executive branch in order to protect their secretive ways. the two-party system has led the general public to believe that the parties are diametrically opposed, and issues have become black and white good and bad right and wrong no more than two ways about it. unfortunately, the GOP appears to still have the upper hand on many issues, although their grip is slipping. however, al gore is doing some damage with his global-warming scare-campaign. is that the only way that american policy changes? by fear? well, we should be very afraid of both our judicial and our executive banches of gov’t at this point. i personally find it sad that the trend of change in our energy policies has to be fueled by such means. wordup, rockon, pissoff.

  2. sorry, i posted the wrong email address. and i left out some commas that would have lent more credulity to my rant. fuckoff anyway.

  3. Scalia, Alito, Roberts, Thomas are not centrists, they are extremists.

    All of their decisions will be against individual liberty, for big money, for corporations, against healthy ecologies, for pollution and development.

    Why can’t both sides pick people more towards the middle?

    The overturning of Roe v. Wade is coming. Then all the rich women will go to places where they can have abortions, secretly, and the poor will have a kid they don’t want or have a back alley abortion.

  4. The ruling with the kid is great. The article i read about it pointed out no matter what the kid won, how many of us can say our prank got us to the supreme court. The kid knew he would get in trouble by putting that up, that is why they are pranks, what it does come down to though is he wasnt on school grounds or even in a learning enviroment they were outside of school watching the Olympic torch. I am glad all my pranks were on the bus with signs like “honk if you are horny” or “Being kidnapped call 911” or just acting like i road the short bus to school during excursions else where. I never got nationally recognized for any of those just dissapointed teachers and lectures from principles and parents how I had a duty to not embarass my school. Either way enjoy

  5. The other issue is that now corporations have been granted freedom of speech, just like you and I. Unfortunately, whereas our interests lay in making our society a better place, a corporation’s interest is solely on making as much money as possible for their stockholders.
    There’s a great documentary out called “The Corporation” from a couple of years ago, it shows how our great democracy has been completely fucked in the ass by capitalism.

  6. wordup curtisT. how did that get turned into a free speech ruling anyway? wasn’t the issue campaign finance? I don’t think that the constitution starts off as: “we the corporation”
    corporations are not people, not even soilent green inc.

  7. Actually corporations are people and have been ruled by supreme court, just a liable as a person. I learned one thing from business ethics

  8. curtisT and Charlyfox,
    righton. after reading (much) of the linked ruling, it makes sense that the issue was purely 1st ammendment. however, the news media reporting the ruling took the point of view that the BCRA was the central issue. it was cursory at best. i agree that free speech in this case should be protected. i suppose we need to trust that voters will be able to intelligently scrutinize the ads when they appear and not react passionately. so, however underhanded and inflammatory these ads may be, they are protected free speech. larry flynt and wisconsin right to life do exist in the same country. now i must go and set up a human a&p lab exam. cheers.