More vacation

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Last night’s pork tenderloin wasn’t photographed and recorded for posterity. My apologies. Let me assure you it was delicious and fed eight hungry mouths.

But I did take some pics at lunch today.


Pizza slices

With all the fixins.

All the fixins

I just realized that I haven’t had all that many beers yet today, so I had better get at it. I need to drink two beers for every bottle of water I had on my ride or someone named Dru will be very disappointed in me. And I can’t be having that.

There are some backwoods roads here in Eastern Pennsylvania. I’m talking one lane wide with hardy any cars. And I like it like that.

The Cock-pit

Best part about riding toward the river?

Down the hill

It’s all downhill.

You can guess the worst part about riding back.

You know what don’t have much out West


(edit – I would like to clarify this point, I was talking about the South West, where I live. I know you cats in Washington have more water than you know what to do with. – end edit)

The Delaware River

Oh sure, they got rivers. Just look at any map of Arizona. Sure, most of ’em don’t have a drop of water in them, but man, they could. Someday. Maybe.

And those that are wet, where I’ve been living for the last 17 years, they call it a “river” when you can throw a stone across it. Where I grew up, that’s called a “creek”.

I rode for two and a half hours today (one of my longest rides in the last ten months) on nothing but two bottles of water. I guess I’ve been eating good this week, eh?

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2 Replies to “More vacation”

  1. Sweet looking countryside, love the “navigational” cabling (red-port; green-starboard), nice to know my level of anality (I even do the cable caps) is not a singular afflicition. Not that that’s a bad thing… Lot of memories of heading out on a fresh, sweet summer morning on my “entry level” Royal Asport 10 speed. Water? Food? I’ll worry about that when I get to wherever… Thanks man

  2. First I am odded out about what you call the west, here in Oregon we know the difference between rivers and creeks, also we know what a climb is compared to east coast. Other then that looks like a fun trip I would have to agree that the porn section should be converted into big Johny cook book section, from grill to trail mix. Either way keep up bike rides, low impact exercise always works out.