Dick and Rick Hoyt

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It’s not often I’m speechless. Those who know me can attest to this point. But I am utterly and completely at a loss for words after this one.

I’ll just post.

From: Ace
Big Jonny,
Check this out. If this doesn’t help everyone to dig deeper nothing will and they must be fucked in the head.

You can see more at their website teamhoyt.com.

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The man, the legend. The guy who started it all back in the Year of Our Lord Beer, 2000, with a couple of pages worth of idiotic ranting hardcoded on some random porn site that would host anything you uploaded, a book called HTML for Dummies (which was completely appropriate), a bad attitude (which hasn’t much changed), and a Dell desktop running Win95 with 64 mgs of ram and a six gig hard drive. Those were the days. Then he went to law school. Go figure. Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

24 Replies to “Dick and Rick Hoyt”

  1. I have seen them at the Boston Marathon a few times and at a local tri.

    I get all choked up every time. Team Hoyt always has time for a smile or nod when steaming past.

  2. Dick has to do something about the dying and comb-over. It sort of ruined the whole thing for me.

    I mean, I thought aliens had landed and I swear to God, I was dialing Homeland Security and frantically searching for my nunchucks. I was gonna rip that alien life force from taking over Dick’s mind if it was the last thing I did.

  3. Shit, dude, are you _trying_ to make me cry? I come here, expecting coarse language, dopers exposed and bike stuff, and I get a story of love and triumph over adversity. Hit me like a ton of bricks.


  4. Bush 43…completely distasteful.

    Team Hoyt was at the first 1/2 Ironman tri I completed last year. It goes without saying how inspiring it was to watch them compete. Best wishes to them.

  5. i wouldn’t mind getting all teary-eyed except when I hear some jesusfreak country song I can “only imagine” that I want to fucking kill someone. But either way, Dick is definitely one fit sumbitch, and his attitude is admirable. I never want to have kids in case I have to do something like that. I’m just too attached to single malt and late night comments on the internet to do irommans and shit.

  6. File me under “Fucked in the Head”. In fact, if any of you want to visit me in the afterlife, I’ll be in Hell, fishing the river Styx with Hitler.

    I bet if Terry Schiavo had one of them talking-Hawking boxes, she would have said a lot too.

    “would you like to play a game…?”

    Not choked up. Call me soulless.

  7. Honestly a bit drunk yet it is 4 in the morning, best dad in the world, who needs money if you have a dad like this, sure sponsirship that they get pay for their equipment. I have a brother that has cerbral palsy, not as serious, but I thought my step dad did great taking on the responsibilities of raising someone with CP. Honestly that dad is better then any dad in the world, if you have a better story or flick then prove mE wrong, the kid, even though he is 18+ is happier then most us drunkcylists. Either way i now cant believe donald trump got an award for being a father when guys like this are out there

  8. are you shitting me? i only watched about 60 seconds of that clip and i couldn’t believe it. that man is a major league stud. i am definitely motivated to train a little harder and stop whining like a pussy when my legs start to hurt. he must live in the cave of pain.

  9. To those who can’t focus on the story because of a hairdo or background song, Ritalin may help w/ your ADD.

    Shit, just going about daily life must be hard enough w/ a severly disabled kid, let alone trying to cram in Ironman training.
    Mom’s gotta be an unsung hero in this as well.
    Anyway, the guy’s a STUD, not because of _what_ he does, but because of why he does it.

  10. Fuk me…that is some awe inspiring shit. The dude is a real stand up, genuine guy. The world needs more Team Hoyt’s to show all the selfish assholes (me included) that theres more out there than hittin’ the trails and swillin’ micro brews.

  11. the only part that give me the good chills are how with that device the kid can talk, and it is revealed, his thoughts and mind after not being able to for all those years .. that’s WAY cool …. and how he went on to get several degrees

    that’s wicked cool

    the exercise shit, most of us here live for that, what’s the big deal? It’s simply pure joy to breath hard for hours. Now, I am supposed to hero worship that? I don’t hero worship that, I identify with that and know it and understand it. So the Hoyts are comrades in the game. Nice, but not very interesting to me.

    But that talk device, that’s the shit. I thank the people who studied and worked hard to make that thing a reality.

    I am with Bikepunk. Call me soul less and let me at the belly up carp.

  12. Bush43, you have to be the Biggest Cumfaced Assfuck, Next to bikepunks pansy pussy….

  13. Nik,

    You really should deal with your homo erotic side some day, and graduate beyond just sticking your fingers up your ass.

    Or, is it just that you’ve go the comb-over from Mongolia going on too?

  14. I think that the experience of unconditional love has always been one of humankinds greatest treasures and the cause of making the world a better place. It wasn’t until I became a father that I could really understand the gravity of it.
    It’s unfortunate that in our narcissistic society, selfishness has become a priority.
    I’m far from the perfect father, but the story on those guys did remind me that we may all have a higher calling here before we’re dead and gone.

  15. Ok. I know I get a lot of shit, but a Fathers love for his child knows no bounds. Period.
    He is more fit than I can EVER dream of being. Period.

    That said… he is yes, a true HERO in every sense f the word, and anyone with the last name of BUSH can lick his ball-sack after the finish line of any Ironman, to try to gain a bit of what it means to be compassionate.

    That said, how many of us here have done OUR SHARE of raising awareness about various diseases, fundraising for Leukemia, Heart Disease, Cancer… you name it…?

    Me? Well I did a thing called the A.L.A. Bigride back in the day. Yeah. I rode from Seattle to Washington DC to raise money (and awareness) for the American Lung Association. I dug into my own pocket and gave till it hurt. In fact, thats where my student loans went. I know Uncle Sam is looking for me, and I’m paying him back as slowly as possible, but what REALLY matters is, I did something.

    How many of YOU can say “I saw that, and It made me DO SOMETHING.” Not f-ing likely. All of you put your money where your mouth is and ride to raise money, or donate to someone who is choosing to make a difference in what little free time they have.

    Donate to this girl.

  16. You wanna meet up Mr. Bush, so I can Fuck youre ass with my fist..I herd the Bush family is into fisting..I know youre Mom is……..

  17. Nik,

    I am just not into all the ghey stuff like you.

    You’re so fucking stupid, you can’t spell heard, you can’t spell you’re, you can’t spell your.

    I have your name and e-mail and all that shit. We will apparently meet up.

  18. I am Dumb as shit, thats why I want to Fuck you silly…..I want to gag you with my cock, and dry fuck youre fat ass…Again, stuff youre mom likes….

  19. Oh and Mr Bush..Do you gargle like youre Dad?
    Cause youre sisiter likes to to watch that…

  20. FOCUS, MOTHERFUCKERS, FOCUS!!! Was this a guy who was holy war dedicated beforehand? NO. Does he care about his son? YES. We’re not talking about a guy who trained his whole life. The fact that Team Hoyt participates in races is more important than the fact that Dick Hoyt has become one Hell of an athlete. Dick Hoyt is obviously a man motivated first and foremost by a deep, unequivocal love for his son. Rick is not some dribbling idiot, nor should he be marginalized. I concur with bikepunk – do something to help. Find a charity that you strongly believe in, and do what you can. Pick your war, and fight for it.

    Dick Hoyt is a hero. Plain and fucking simple.